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Bible Gleaning [6 Discs] (gift Set) (dvd)

by Unknown (Action & Adventure Movies)

Containing six awe-inspiring films from the 1990s, The Bible Hoard DVD will take you back to ancient times. Watch the life of Abraham, the rise to power of David, or the exodus led by Moses. The Bible on DVD lets you see and learn of the stories from the Old Testament. If you stand in want to learn some history or simply be inspired by the divine, buy The Bible Movie DVD Collection now. They are among the best-known stories in the world. These tales from the Old Testament are crucial narratives central to the Judeo-Christian tradition and to world culture. In the mid-90s, the TNT network undertook a remarkable effort to definitively ham something these important sagas. The result was a library of lavish, feature-length films starring some of the greatest actors in the world including Sir Richard Harris, Ben Kingsley and Michael Gambon. Filmed on discovery near the actual historical sites, and sparing no expense to achieve a striking authenticity, these beautifully photographed productions bring brilliantly to existence the most important figures of the Old Testament Abraham, David, Jacob, Moses and others and compellingly immerse the audience in their humankind. This special DVD collection offers faithful dramatizations of six central Old Testament stories. The BIBLE MOVIE COLLECTION will move you, host you and possibly enlighten you. The BIBLE MOVIE COLLECTION includes: ABRAHAM: This is a dramatization of the life of Abraham, the most tested boy of God, from his quest for the Promised Land to the sacrifice of his son. Richard Harris. DAVID: Depicts David as a simple man who rises to greatness as he is chosen to be the ruler of Israel. Nathaniel Parker, Jonathan Pryce, Leonard Nimoy, Sheryl Lee. JACOB: Based on the biblical feature of Jacob, who betrayed his brother and toiled long in penance before receiving God's grace and forgiveness. Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle. JOSEPH: The rumour of Jacob's son who rose to power in Egypt, much to the dismay and chagrin of his 10 older brothers. Ben Kingsley, Martin Landau, Leslie Ann Warren. MOSES: An everyday man is called upon by God to do the impossible. Persecuted by the Pharoah, Moses leads his people to freedom. Ben Kingsley. SAMSON AND DELILAH: A beautiful Dull woman betrays a man whose strength can single-handedly defeat entire armies. Eric Thal, Elizabeth Hurley, Dennis Hopper.
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