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Who's the Man (Fullscreen, Widescreen) (DVD)

by Unknown (Comedy & Satire Movies)

In this comedy, bumbling Harlem barbers Dr. Dre and Ed Lover are shipped off to the the gendarmes academy by their frustrated boss, Nick (Jim Moody). However, when a crooked land developer threatens to forcibly take over their ex-boss' estate, it is up to Dr. Dre and Ed to use their new-found police powers to stop him. A number of well-known rap artists make appearances in this film, including Queen Latifah, Humpty Excrescence, Kriss Kross, B-Real, and Ice-T. ~ Iotis Erlewine, All Movie Guide. Original theatrical trailer, DVD-ROM enabled. Presented in Widescreen and In toto completely Frame Formats.
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