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Great 8X10 promotional still, suitable for framing. Still features old man & old lady. Still has minor creases.

The Phantasm Stagecoach (dvd) (black & White)

The Phantasm Stagecoach (dvd) (black & White)

by Sony (Miscellaneous)

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'Celibate and 28 Million Years Old!' Watch a Cringeworthy Wonder Woman Screen Test from 1967 06/02/17, via

Maker William Dozier's failed attempt at a Wonder Woman sitcom titled Wonder Woman: Who's On edge of Diana Prince? starred Ellie Wood Walker as the titular hero and Maudie Prickett as her mother. In the five-minute clip over, Diana Prince is berated

Hollywood Reporter

'Theorize Woman' 1967 TV Pilot Test Is So Awful, It's Amazing 06/01/17, via Hollywood Reporter

On no occasion making it to air, but floating around the internet, Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? featured Ellie Wood Walker as the about and Maudie Prickett as the heroine's mother. The five-minute video sees Diana Prince berated for being single

Maudie Prickett

Scene from "Michael O'Hara the Fourth" Wonderful World of Disney. (dba Shopping)
Gomer Pyle Usmc-4th Available Complete


Actors: Direct Sutton - Jane Dulo - Jim Nabors - Maudie Prickett - Whit Bissell. Director: Peter Baldwin. Format: DVD. Runtime: 749 Mins. Parlance: English. Region code: Region 1 (United States Canada Bermuda U.S. territories). Discs: 5. Rating: G. Kind: TV. Release Year: 1967.



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  • CaftanWoman MAUDIE PRICKETT born this date (1914–1976). Have you watched TV and movies in the 20th century? Then you know this…
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