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Rethinking Asylum: News, Purpose, and Limits

by Cambridge University Press
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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people apply for asylum in Europe, North America, and Australia. Some fear political persecution and genocide; some are escaping civil war or environmental catastrophe; others flee poverty, crime, or domestic violence. Who should qualify for asylum? Traditionally, asylum has been reserved for the targets of government persecution, but many believe that its scope should be widened to protect others exposed to serious harm. Matthew Price argues for retaining asylum's focus on persecution - even as other types of refugee aid are expanded - and offers a framework for deciding what constitutes persecution. Asylum, he argues, not only protects refugees but also expresses political values by condemning states for mistreating those refugees. Price's argument explains not only why asylum remains politically relevant and valuable, but also why states should dismantle many of the barriers they have erected against asylum seekers over the last fifteen years.

The Price (Toni Matthews Inscrutability Series #2)

by B&H Fiction
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Peace at Toni Matthew's house is short lived after her father's murder is solved. With her sister, Melissa, home safely and a new romance budding with Abe, it looks like Toni's opportunity to put her life back together. But the moment's serenity is shattered when Carrie, Melissa's best friend, is crippled during a shooting at the local high school.Not buying that the shooter, Tom Blevins, acted alone, Toni and Abe begin their own investigation, eventually befriending Tom and ministering to him in prison. Meanwhile, Melissa struggles with her budding faith as she watches her friend's efforts to walk again.But forgiveness is in Carrie's heart, and her act of reaching out to Tom begins a chain reaction of grace that eventually unravels the plot that led to the tragic shooting. Each character discovers the high price that love demands.



by Unknown (Folk Music)

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Boundless Danger Room #54: 'The Defenders' draft 08/10/17, via

The Defenders is about to come to Netflix as the latest Be agog series. The Oklahoman's Matthew Price joins Infinite Danger Room panelists Chris Borthick, Matt Howlett and Anthony Brown to frame their own teams of Defenders from the comics' long history.

BBC News

The man who migrated twice 07/20/17, via BBC News

This is the gag of the man who migrated twice. Who dodged the police along the Italian border with France - twice. Avoided officials on the train to Paris - twice. Made it to the shanty hamlet life in Calais - twice. Risked death as he stowed away on a


Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Published by Simon and Schuster 2010

ISBN 9781451605150,1451605153
68 pages

With its radical design and solid biblical truths, this thought-provoking book provides a forum where students can explore questions and quarterly their answers as their belief systems are being solidified. Today's students are shaped by opinions—opinions from their friends, media, music, kinfolk, and God. With so many viewpoints, it is nice to know there are absolutes in this world. Part of the Poetry of the Soul series, Who Am I? addresses the formative years when students are asking, "Why am I here? or "Does God exceedingly love me?" As readers journal, they will explore their feelings on faith, family, friendships, and themselves at this pivotal point of their lives.

'His grin was infectious': Young woman loses husband in boating tragedy - Yahoo7 News

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Matthew Price - Stranded CD


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  3. Matthew Shepard Bottom | Embracing Diversity Pattern founded by Dennis and Judy Shepard. Quotes, resources, and support details.
"Toys of Christmas Background"
"Toys of Christmas Background"
Did you have knowledge of that toys and games have been part of childhood for thousands of years? As early as 4000 B.C. (before Christ), games became a source of show. At that time, people of Babylon played a game that preceded the present day game of chess. 4000 BC - A Babylonian game, which is the progenitor of modern draughts begins to be played 3000 BC - First Game resembling modern Backgammon is played in Sumeria. 2000 BC - Stone marbles prime used in Egypt. 1000 BC - Kites appear in China. Stone Yo-Yos begin to be used in Greece 600 BC - An ancestor of chess called ‘Chaturanga’ is played in India. 1759 - Wringer skates are invented by Joseph Merlin. Victorian Era - Victorian children had fewer toys than you have today. Poor Children - Inadequate families made their own, such as cloth-peg dolls and paper windmills. Children would save their pocket money to buy marbles, a spinning top, skipping ropes, kites or inexpensive wooden toys. Rich Children had rocking horses with real...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Bristol buying directory 1871 - Grocers
Bristol buying directory 1871 - Grocers
Greengrocers, Grocers and Tea Dealers Adams -—. 9 Vendor street Allen R. 19 Newfoundland street Anstey J . 21 Picton street Avery W. 1 Christmas steps Batman James, 24 Hotwell technique Bartlett Ann, 19 Paul street Baugh E. S. 5 Love street, South Baynton Robert A. 9 Jacob’s wells Beake William, 48 College thoroughfare Bees M. 4 George street Bendell Stephen, 17 Horsefair Benson T. A. Paul street, Kingsdown Betty G. L. 14 Bedminster causeway Bird James, 1 Albert lay Blinman Mrs, 6 Commercial row Bolton William, 16 Frogmore street Bonner William, Stapleton road Booley William, 66 Exploit street Bowden Joseph, 17 North street Bowyer Sarah, 8 Rosemary street Bridgman A. 43 Picton high road Brock Charles, Grosvenor place, St Paul’s Brogan M. 1 Brandon street Brookes J. Highbury terrace Brooks T. 1 Clarence region, Kingsdown Brown Ann, 35 West street Brown Edward, 49 Stokes croft Brown Joseph, Lawrence hill Burges James, 1 Sidney circumstances Bush James, 2 Regina place, Stapleton road Charlesworth E. G. 39...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Matthew Price on Acoustic Conversations
Matthew Price on Acoustic Conversations
Photo by Pete Wright Photography on Flickr
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