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Pioneers Of Tube: Robin Williams Remembered (dvd)

Pioneers Of Tube: Robin Williams Remembered (dvd)

by Pbs (Documentary & Historical Movies)

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Ouachita Baptist University News

Chandler Blake and Chris Clark win Ouachita Charge Plan Competition 12/15/17, via Ouachita Baptist University News

6. Chandler Blake, a chief finance and business administration major from Frisco, Texas, and Chris Clark, a senior finance and business administration major from Arkadelphia, Ark., placed fundamental in the competition with their business,

Blake Clark "allowed home" to Vietnam Veterans

Prior First Lieutenant Blake Clark is a brother-in-comedy-arms From the HBO special "Welcome Home" Airdate: July 4, 1987.


Hawaii, the 49th Regal

Hawaii, the 49th Regal


271 pages

Marilynne Marilyn – Carbon copy of the Month: The Only Blonde in the World by Pauline Boty (1963)

My mum is called Marilynne Marilyn. Not a lot of people recognize that. My grandfather couldn’t spell the name, got it wrong on the birth certificate, wasn’t allowed to cross it out, so had to have a second go. Marilynne Marilyn is a blonde. Another blonde in the coterie. Her real first name was actually Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe, as the biggest star in the world and the epitome of late 50s female sexuality (at least as far as men were involved), was a popular subject for Pop artists on both sides of the water. Monroe died (or was hounded to her death, as Boty might say – she considered Marilyn “betrayed”) in August 1962 from an overdose of barbiturates. Warhol disgorge the rest of ’62 creating images of her, all derived from a publicity photo for Niagara (1953). The right-hand half of the diptych speaks of fading and mortality. Monroe died at just 36. Boty only made it to 28. Marilyn features on the heart line of one of the most famous of all Pop images, the one that was actually just a millimetre or two from the pop itself (in the form of black vinyl). ‘Randy Mandy’ wrote of her vivacious blonde public image: “Every man’s sexual fantasy – it’s a curious role to play in life. There is nothing I can do about this, it has nothing to do with the true me. That Mandy is a pert blonde who is all things to all men. The big David Hockney exhibition opens at Tate Britain in a few hours, a retrospective of 60 years of painting. The Hockney establishment at the Royal College of Art (at which I’ve been privileged to be working recently, under Neville Brody, Dean of the School of Communication) lusted to a man (bar presumably Hockney himself) after Boty who was every inch the... I’m not assured where Boty’s Marilyn image is drawn from. Some critics and commentators say Some Like It Hot but I can’t find any such image – I think it may be from the premiere of The Seven Year Tingle. It doesn’t really matter where exactly it came from, the point is I’m pretty sure there will be a specific photo out there that she used as a source, one in a munitions dump, to align with the popular culture focus of British and American Pop Art. The vibrating energy of Boty’s Marilyn reflects her genuine esteem of Monroe as a woman mythologised through pop culture. The grey background, which links out to the lines and swirls of the abstract framing figure of speech, picks white Marilyn out like a spotlight at a Hollywood premiere. The journey between the two green panels is short but Marilyn still steals the show, as she did in her tragically midget life. Little did Boty know but her own would also be cut tragically short. They found cancer when she went for the first scan of her first child. The terseness of her life has left her to a large extent written out of British art history. ‘The Only Blonde in the World’ is the only Boty in the Tate. Otherwise the only British accessible gallery holding a Boty is Wolverhampton Art Gallery. She was an exact contemporary of Hockney (born the year after him). She went to the Big Studio in the sky just three years after capturing’The Only Blonde in the Unbelievable’. Had she lived and had time to evolve I wonder whether it might have been her massive retrospective opening at Tate Britain tomorrow….

Source: Simple Pleasures part 4 (dba Shopping)
Raising Sand


The lilting collaboration of the decade, Raising Sand is the sound of two iconic figures stepping out of their respective comfort zones and letting their instincts result in them across a brave new sonic landscape. Despite hailing from distinctly different backgrounds, Alison Krauss and Robert Impress share a maverick spirit and willingness to extend the boundaries of their respective genres. This spirit, expertly honed by producer T Bone Burnett, has resulted in an album planned three steps beyond some cosmic collision of early urban blues, spacious West Texas country, and the untapped capability of the folk-rock revolution. Supported by the unparalleled musicianship of Marc Ribot, Dennis Crouch, Mike Seeger, Jay Bellerose, Norman Blake, Greg Leisz, Patrick Warren, and Riley Baugus, Impress and Krauss - as both solo and harmony vocalists - tackle an intriguing selection of songs from such tunesmiths as Tom Waits, Gene Clark, Sam Phillips, Townes Van Zandt, The Everly Brothers, and Mel Tillis. Raising Sand finds Robert Shrub and Alison Krauss exploring popular music's elemental roots while still sounding effortlessly, breath-takingly contemporary.



  1. William Blake - Wikipedia William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) was an English rhymer, painter, and printmaker. Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a ...
  2. Blake Mitchell | Trade out buddies Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby set the screen on FIRE in this young muscle, flip-flop fuck fantasy! These fuckable friends effort out together and ...
  3. Blake Clark replaces Jim Varney - YouTube Jim and Blake are actor friends. Jim Varney as Slinky Dog (Toy Falsehood 1, 2) Blake Clark as Slinky Dog (Toy Story 3)
1913 graduating bearing, University of Illinois College of Medicine
1913 graduating bearing, University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Prescription Class 1913 Photograph credited to Daguerre Studio, 218 South Wabash Ave. Chicago as pictured, left to honesty, top to bottom * indicates photographed graduate not listed in Class of 1913 in 1921 alumni record † indicates faculty/wand Vernanda Joshua Funderbirk MD W. Peterson MD* Allen Joseph Hruby James Archibald Orbison Raymond Lawrence Stockade drive crazy Todd J. Wilson T. A. Boger * Gordon Lawrence McLellan Joseph Sebastian Lundholm Lyman Joseph Cook AB John Charles Matthew Krasa Eugene Andrew MacCornack Carl Henry Golbeck Harry Nichols Constantine John Koursoumis Lewis August Seymer Mayer S. Coffler Henry Howard Towles Paul Flourishing Hageman Philip Herman Wolfram SB James Casper Droste AB PhB Nathaniel Isadour Baskind Alvah Lewis Sawyer BS Ernest August Bredlau Direct Erwin Brinckerhoff Herbert Clarence Bolstad AB Theodore David Burger Maurice Charles Hennessy John Maxwell Arthur Robert Ohman Warren Zachary Earl J. G. Carney (there is a James Gilbert...
Photo by UIC Digital Collections on Flickr
That Was the Year That Was - 1966
That Was the Year That Was - 1966
The fashionable sixties were in full flow, but in some corners of the world the peace and love mantra of the flower-power generation could not be heard. Even as hippies in London and San Francisco were weaving daisies into their skin of one's teeth, in China Mao Tse-Tung launched the Cultural Revolution, a 10-year political campaign aimed at rekindling revolutionary Communist verve. Brandishing their copies of Mao's Little Red Book of quotations, students of the Communist Party - the so-called Red Guards - pursued an ideological cleansing operations in which they renounced and attacked anyone suspected of being an intellectual, or a member of the bourgeoisie. Thousands of Chinese citizens were executed, and millions more were yoked into handbook labour in the decade that followed. Meanwhile, the US government, under president Lyndon B Johnson, was escalating its military presence in Vietnam. By the year's end, American troop levels had reached 389,000, with more than 5,000 vendetta deaths and over...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
your favorite pebble and its suggestion
your favorite pebble and its suggestion
"Predilection seeketh not itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives its ease, And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair." So sung a picayune Clod of Clay Trodden with the cattle's feet, But a Pebble of the brook Warbled out these metres meet: "Proclivity seeketh only self to please, To bind another to its delight, Joys in another's loss of ease, And builds a Hell in Heaven's despite." william blake bay study, san francisco open studios
Photo by torbakhopper on Flickr
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