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"You complete me". "Help me help you". "You had me at hello". "Show me the money". Celebrate the 20th anniversary of this iconic modern classic that’s become an integral part of our pop-culture landscape. Tom Cruise stars as Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who's enduring a crisis of conscience. After he suddenly and unceremoniously loses his job and his girlfriend (Kelly Preston), both his personal and professional careers hit an all-time low. But when a single mother (Renée Zellweger) enters his life and his heart, he finds himself negotiating the biggest deal of his life…for the heart and the hand of the woman that he loves. Cuba Gooding, Jr. (in an Academy Award®- winning performance, 1996, Best Supporting Actor), Jay Mohr, Regina King, Jonathan Lipnicki and Bonnie Hunt co-star in this beloved blockbuster hit from writer/director Cameron Crowe. Nominated for five Academy Awards® including Best Picture and Best Actor - Tom Cruise.

One of the best romantic comedies of the 1990s, this box-office hit cemented writer-director Cameron Crowe's reputation as "the voice of a generation." Crowe could probably do without that label, but he's definitely in sync with the times with this savvy story about a sports agent (Tom Cruise) whose fall from grace motivates his quest for professional recovery, and the slow-dawning realization that he needs the love and respect of the single mom (Renée Zellweger in her breakthrough role) who has supported him through the worst of times. This is one of Cruise's best, most underrated performances, and in an Oscar-winning role, Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the football star who remains Jerry Maguire's only loyal client on a hard road to redemption and personal growth. If that sounds touchy-feely, it is only because Crowe has combined sharp entertainment with a depth of character that is rarely found in mainstream comedy. --Jeff Shannon

Crow: New Songs for the Five Qualifications Banjo

Crow: New Songs for the Five Qualifications Banjo

by Rounder Records (Country Music)

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Minority, Women-Owned Trade Awareness Day In Rockland 11/16 11/13/17, via

Day In Rockland 11/16-0; -1. From Rockland County Legislature: The Rockland County Legislature has proclaimed Nov. 16 as Minority and Women-Owned Issue Enterprise Awareness Day. A

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You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried

You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried

Published by Crown Archetype 2010

ISBN 0307460061,9780307460066
384 pages

You can quote lines from Sixteen Candles (“Last night at the dancemy little brother paid a buck to see your underwear”), your iPod playlist includes more than one song by the Psychedelic Furs and Simple Minds, you watch The Breakfast Club every time it comes on cable, and you still wish that Andie had ended up with Duckie in Pretty in Pink. You’re a bonafide Brat Pack devotee—and you’re not alone. The films of the Brat Pack—from Sixteen Candles to Say Anything—are some of the most watched, bestselling DVDs of all time. The landscape that the Brat Packmemorialized—where outcasts and prom queens fall in love, preppies and burn-outs become buds, and frosted lip gloss, skinny ties, and exuberant optimism made us feel invincible—is rich with cultural themes and significance, and has...

Before we go (2014)

Chris's paternal grandfather, George Robert Evans, Jr. , was of Welsh, English, and Scottish descent (George's own grandfather, Matthew J. Evans, was Welsh). Chris's paternal grandmother, Alma Emma Behling, was of German ancestry. Chris's maternal grandfather, Andrew Capuano, was the son of Italian parents, while Chris's maternal grandmother, Rita Marie Garvey, was from an Irish family. I want to get married, though I want children - to me that's the ultimate thing. When you're old and on your death bed, looking back at your life it's not going to be the films you've made or what you've accomplished, it's the relationships you have. You're survived by things that matter - the people you love and those who love you back. [on filming the iconic helicopter shot from Civil War] Yeah that's what the script said, 'Zoom in on the biceps'. That was in the first week of filming. I am not going to pretend I wasn't. When you are filming these movies, you try and get as fit as you can by the time you start, and then throughout the filming, you just gradually lose weight, because in that suit every day, you're sweating nonstop, you're tired, your workouts kind... So they load all the scenes where I have to be in a T-shirt in the beginning of shooting. The day we did the helicopter shirt I am in a T-shirt and you want to look good. But I'm not going to pretend I walk around looking like that. There is a lot of pressure to keep up. You wanna make sure you look the role. You wanna make sure that you at least get close to the image the comic book fans have in their head. [on the helicopter scene from Civil War not being enhanced in any way] That was really my arm, and you know what, I took a page of Anthony Mackie 's book. When we were doing Avengers: Age of Ultron, for certain scenes, I worked out just before the take but there were a bunch of scenes where I was the only one out of the cast doing it and I'd be embarrassed and feel shame. And then we started Civil War and Mackie has no shame. Before each take Mackie's just curling weights non-stop and I thought, 'Yeah. Just curl some weights. I am not going to worry about 20 people judging me as opposed to 200 million people seeing the scene forever. ' So before the helicopter scene, I lifted a lot of weights to get pumped. It's not like I woke up and I looked like that, that was me lifting weight for hours on end prior to filming that scene. There certainly was a lot of pressure. I was fully aware of what they wanted that shot to be. I wanted that shot to be great too.

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Steve Martin - Crow: New Songs for the Five-Leader Banjo CD


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Photo Gallery - 08/13/16, via

Certainly idiosyncratic as a writer, Cameron Crowe has created a series of scripts that, while liked by the critics, were considered offbeat and difficult to market. Cameron Bruce Crowe was born in Palm Springs, California, to Alice Marie Crowe (née ...

'We all come from the same place': Powerful photo series captures families of all shapes, sizes and races to show the diversity that exists in every 21st century home across ... - 12/01/15, via Daily Mail

Michele Crowe, of New York, traveled around the US and to Northern India and Europe to take photos that portray the diversity and evolution of the 21st century family. Her series, titled The Universal Family, sees interracial families, single and adoptive ...

Dissected + Ranking: Cameron Crowe From Worst to Best - 05/27/15, via Consequence of Sound

His mother, Alice Marie Crowe, should be so proud. A scholar of Billy Wilder, Crowe has since fashioned his own brand of optimism on celluloid. He lives for rock ‘n’ roll, champions the underdogs, and starves for true romance. Each of his films ...


  1. Russell Crowe - Toute l'actu - People - Russell Crowe est né le 7 avril 1964 à Wellington en Nouvelle-Zélande. Bien qu'il ait grandi en Australie, il est de nationalité néo-zélandaise.
  2. Russell Crowe - Biography - IMDb Russell Ira Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand, to Jocelyn Yvonne (Wemyss) and John Alexander Crowe, both of whom catered moving picture sets. His ...
  3. Elizabethtown (film) - Wikipedia Elizabethtown è un mistiness del 2005 di Cameron Crowe, interpretato da Orlando Bloom e Kirsten Dunst
2013 Perth Kilt Run - 8 km Participants & Photos (1 of 2)
2013 Perth Kilt Run - 8 km Participants & Photos (1 of 2)
. NEW ! See also, an album of 2014 Perth Kilt Run pictures in Flickr: ......................................................................................................... June 22, 2013, 6:12 p.m. LIST OF RACE PARTICIPANTS (page 1 of 2) The following runners and walkers participated in the 8 km Perth Kilt Run. The bib numbers & names are listed by Ontario community (see the list below), then by other provinces, and international. The names are additionally sorted alphabetically by last name. ...................................................................................... In addition to this set of pictures in Flickr, see also each runner's official race photos. (Click and enter bib # or last name.) ...................................................................................... List of Runners and Walkers from: A. Perth B. Ottawa C. Kanata D. Carleton Place E. Nepean F. Smiths Falls **For A...
Photo by ianhun2009 on Flickr
Alice Marie Jones Crowe (1945 - 2008) - Find A Grave Memorial
Alice Marie Jones Crowe (1945 - 2008) - Find A Grave Memorial
Elizabethtown - Pelicula :: CINeol
Elizabethtown - Pelicula :: CINeol
Alice Marie Crowe - Über diesen Star - Star -
Alice Marie Crowe - Über diesen Star - Star -
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