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Wolf Guy (2-Disc Curious Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD]

by Arrow Video
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Shinichi 'Sonny' Chiba is a martial arts ''manimal'' in the ultra-70's, 100% bizarre mixture of horror, action and sci-fi that is Wolf Guy, one of the rarest and most sought-after cult films produced by Japan's Toei Studio. Based on a manga by Kazumasa Hirai (creator of 8 Man), and never before released outside of Japan, it's a genre film classic waiting to be discovered and a completely unclassifiable trip into phantasmagoric funk.

Chiba stars as Akira Inugami, the only survivor of a clan of ancient werewolves who relies on his supernatural powers to solve mysterious crimes. After a series of bloody killings perpetrated by an unseen force, Inugami uncovers a conspiracy involving a murdered cabaret singer, corrupt politicians, and a plot by the J-CIA to harvest his blood in order to steal his lycanthropic powers! At the same time, Inugami also discovers the truth behind his family heritage, and that he may not be the last of his kind.

Directed by B-movie genius Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (Sister Streetfighter, Wandering Ginza Butterfly, Karate Bear Fighter), Wolf Guy truly is one-of-a-kind, with Chiba in full effect as the part-man, part-wolf, all-karate action hero and a collection of familiar 1970's Toei actors in support. Violence, action, nudity, real surgical footage, and a psychedelic musical score all work together to create an unforgettable trip to the heights of Japanese cinematic weirdness.


High Definition digital transfer High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations Original uncompressed mono audio New optional English subtitle translation New video interview with actor Sonny Chiba New video interview with director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi New video interview with producer Tatsu Yoshida Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Wes Benscoter

FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Patrick Macias and a history of Japanese monster movie mashups by Jasper Sharp

Sonny Chiba Boulevard Fighter Collection [2 Discs] (dvd)

Sonny Chiba Boulevard Fighter Collection [2 Discs] (dvd)

by Pop Flix (Action & Adventure Movies)

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Bloody Disgusting

Sonny Chiba Brawls in the Alley in this Exclusive Look at Arrow Video's 'Wolf Guy' 05/18/17, via Bloody Disgusting

In this energetic scene the great Sonny Chiba, starring as the titular Wolf Guy, finds himself in quite the predicament. As is typically the case for Chiba he decides to rely on his fists to disconnect himself from a sticky situation. This is not looked upon

Inside Pulse

Arrow has June filled with Madhouse, Chiba's Doberman Cop & Argento's Bird 05/30/17, via Inside Pulse

Doberman Cop is another entr from Sonny Chiba's career that was not officially released in America until now. This is not a sequel to Chiba's Wolf Guy. Chiba is a country cop that has to track down animals in Tokyo's underbelly. This is how to start

Sonny Chiba Tribute

Some scenes from some old Sonny Chiba moives I have one he plays the person that brought Shaolin Kung Fu to Japan and the other he is a famous Karate .


Japanese Kendok


ISBN 1155625668,9781155625669
54 pages

Walmart US
Model Sonny Chiba Collection (Full Frame / Widescreen)

This accumulation includes Chiba's defining role as "The Street Fighter", the karate-killing machine Takuma Tsurugi! The ultra-violent, exemplary film series first introduced American audiences to this international action superstar. Prepare to be blown away! "The Street Fighter": Troublesome-as-nails mercenary Takuma Tsurugi (Chiba) refuses to kidnap a beautiful heiress, instead goes to war with the...

CD Universe
Sonny Chiba - Ardent House 2012 CD (CDR)


CDR - Railway Listing: Soulful House;



  1. The Lane Fighter original English trailer (Sonny Chiba ... The most MOTHERFUCKER screen of all the time!! Directed by Shigehiro Ozawa Japan 1974. Starring Sonny Chiba.
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  3. 千葉真一 - JJ SONNY CHIBA. 千葉真一所属事務所 公式webサイト 千葉真一の最新情報を公開!!!
Lucy Liu is O-Ren Ishii
Lucy Liu is O-Ren Ishii
Film Title: Kill Bill. Pictured: Lucy Liu in Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL. Photo Credit: © Andrew Cooper.
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sonny chiba
sonny chiba
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Sonny Chiba
Sonny Chiba
Japanese Spitz.
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  • comhcinc The Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba is one of my all time favorites.

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