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Amscan Thanksgiving Gauge Your Own Headband

by Amscan - Toys
Price: $5.95 Buy Now

  • Contains 4 headbands and 24 paper feathers
  • Makes 4 paper headdresses
  • One size fits most

Product description

Celebrate Thanksgiving Native American-style with our Feather Headdress Craft Kit! A fun arts-and-crafts project for kids, this craft kit lets little ones make Native American-inspired headdresses out of paper headbands and colorful paper feathers. Feathers have peel-off adhesive squares for assembly.

Festive Go to pieces Thanksgiving Party Turkey Craft Kit

by TradeMart Inc.
Price: $8.75 Buy Now

  • Ideal for Thanksgiving gatherings
  • 216 Foam stickers
  • Features various bright colors to create the most vibrant turkeys ever.

Product description

Our Turkey Craft Kit keeps the kids busy while you cook! Kids are sure to love these Thanksgiving arts-and-crafts, including foam turkeys, stickers, googly eyes and non-toxic glitter glue pens. Ideal for classroom parties or family gatherings, this kit is a fun Thanksgiving activity for crafty little pilgrims! Turkey Craft Kit includes 216 pieces total to make 24 turkeys.

Lassie Craft Shoal Creek Toddler Guard Rail for Euro Crib

Lassie Craft Shoal Creek Toddler Guard Rail for Euro Crib

by Child Craft

Prices range: $53.57 - $55.98 (2 stores)

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Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts

Published by Capstone 2011

ISBN 9781404862821,140486282X
24 pages

Contains directions for making nine Thanksgiving themed craft projects.

How to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

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Walmart US
35" Rapidly Crafted and Beaded Poppy Floral Fabric Thanksgiving Table Runner
Walmart US Crafted Creations

Inspired by botanical prints from the 1800's, this appealing silk polyester table runner features an autumn poppy floral design Runner was carefully hand crafted and beaded in India by overseer bead artisans Dimensions: 35" long x 13.75" wide Material (s) : fabric/plastic/glass

$73.74 (dba Shopping)
Toddler Aborigine American Girl Halloween Costume


Includes: Costume, headband. Not included: Shoes.


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Hand turkey re-imagined in Britain
Hand turkey re-imagined in Britain
as if the Donnie Darko rabbit guy was leading crafts for the kids. An interesting cross-cultural re-interpretation of the beloved hand turkey made by generations of American kids.
Photo by London looks on Flickr
Photo by A Life in Balance on Flickr
Photo by A Life in Balance on Flickr
Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids__03
Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids__03
... crafts for the toddler holidays math play thanksgiving thanksgiving 6
... crafts for the toddler holidays math play thanksgiving thanksgiving 6
Photo credit: Adam/
Photo credit: Adam/
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