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Breckelle's Gail-26 Women's Belted Chunky Stacked Butt Ankle Booties Black 7

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Versatile, fringe ankle boots have a simple, sleek upper made out of vegan suede and a wooden stacked heel adds some inches to your look. Perfect for festivals and year round wear! Zipper detail adds a trendy touch to elevate your outfits.

Sullied Laundry

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Crivain D'Horreur

Crivain D'Horreur

by General Books (Miscellaneous)

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Gotham Gazette

The Week Winning in New York Politics, September 25 09/24/17, via Gotham Gazette

Mayor Folding money de Blasio had a busy weekend, speaking at several events on Saturday and Sunday, wearing governmental and campaign hats at different times. De Blasio will discourse on City Hall in Your Borough this week in Manhattan, with many top administration 

Temple University News

Holy place mathematician Chelsea Walton named a 2017 Sloan Research Fellow 03/07/17, via Temple University News

Walton joined Chapel's faculty in 2015 as a Selma Lee Bloch Brown Professor of Mathematics. She was drawn by the unusual number of experts in noncommutative algebra at Holy place: five including her and a postdoctoral fellow. And she loves Philadelphia.

Chelsea Mariano, Nigun by Bloch

YMF Scholar Recital May 22,2014.


Hawai_i Sports

Hawai_i Sports

Published by University of Hawaii Press 1999

ISBN 0824821211,9780824821210
651 pages

Traces the history of Hawaiian sports and lists local records

Guest Post, Question & Horror List Book Review: Psycho

It could have been better written, but I suspect it was an early book for Bloch. Norman Bates is a slow reveal. At first, he's an overweight noodge (that's not a real word, but I think you know what I'm saying). He fully believes he's cleaning up after his mom when a woman is murdered at the hotel. He gets rid of the evidence and takes action against his mother. We bounce around through multiple points of view, from Norman to the woman soon to be murdered, to the woman's boyfriend, etc. Bloch explores their various ways of thinking, why they make the decisions they do, and their insecurities and insanities. The reader gets far more insight into why things go the way they do, as well as into what happened to his mother, than in the movie. I was warned before I read the book about the sexism. At first, I thought the warning was inaccurate, thinking that since we were seeing it from the viewpoint of Norman, it was just part of the character (Norman has mega-issues with women courtesy of his mother. ) However, the original victim has a sister, and she is the most inane, dull, stupid character. She does everything the men tell her to do, including not reporting her sister missing, all while wringing her hands and asking the men what should be done. Moving on from there, this book has the suspense you would expect from it, and it delves into the mental issues of all the characters, not just the murderer. It's a worthwhile read and a quick one. Don't expect to be surprised if you've seen the movie, though. Both do the story justice in their own way, but the story lines are close. I do think about what my characters eat. I use it to enhance their character traits. What you eat, and how you eat it, can say a lot about your personality and habits. Not that I spend a lot of time putting food in my character's mouths. I haven't read the book. seen the movie too often. I find it interesting that the shower scene was so scary at the time of filming. but it seems nearly all horror movies since have had at least one shower scene in them. I like Octavia Butler - I've read a few of her books. As for Psycho - it's a classic, like the old Frankenstein. I saw the house used for the original Psycho when the daughters and I took in Universal Studios years ago. Very neat seeing the location for the movie before the Flash Flood rolled over the floor of our travel bus. (ah, movie stuff. I started this blog to keep myself accountable while I worked to finish my first novel and seek publication. I'm now about to start my second novel while editing the first one. I aim to pass on what I learn along the way, as well as to connect people with similar interests to great resources.

Source: The Warrior Muse (dba Shopping)
Crivain D'Horreur: Stephen Ruler, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Dan Simmons, Serge Brussolo, Tommaso Landolfi, Robert Bloch, Dean Koon


Crivain D'Horreur: Stephen Ruler, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Dan Simmons, Serge Brussolo, Tommaso Landolfi, Robert Bloch, Dean Koon



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