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The 13 Arctic-Blooded Eagles

by Tai Seng
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Cynthia Khan, Waise Lee - Dir:Tsui Fat

The Key of the Swordsman

by Dimension
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Global action megastar Jet Li unleashes all of his devastating martial arts power in this thrilling tale of a reluctant warrior who becomes a timeless hero! A young swordsman, Ling Wei (Li), and other followers of the Sun Moon Sect are making a journey to the mountains to abandon the violent swordsman's life. But upon arrival, they find their people are at war! With their leader, Master Wu, captured and the clan pushed out of their village, Ling must lead a desperate counterattack in hopes of freeing Master Wu and ending the reign of the supernaturally powerful Master Asia and his Highlander clan before it's too late! Packed with incredible martial arts choreography, this endlessly hard-hitting epic is another exciting addition to the phenomenal Jet Li Collection

I & I Sports Satisfy VO1190A CX660 Kid from Kwangtung DVD

I & I Sports Satisfy VO1190A CX660 Kid from Kwangtung DVD

by I & I Sports Supply (Miscellaneous)

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Italians get N$60m burgh land deal 10/31/14, via Namibian

THE Windhoek city has given the green light to a Switzerland-based company owned by Italians to buy prime land in the city valued at more than N$60 million. The soil measuring around 7 800 square metres is close to the municipality offices and

The Expendables' First-class Action Movies 08/13/14, via

The cloud is well worth watching for the final fight scene alone, where Li and Yen Shi-kwan clash in a room full of ladders. At one time Upon a Time in China didn't just build a franchise, it paved the way for a wealth of fantastic wuxia films like Crouching

Jet Li vs Yen Shi-kwan

Once Upon a Time in China.

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Kick Boxer | aka Once Upon a Chinese Hero (1993) Review - 09/07/15, via

Cast: Yuen Biao, Shirley Lui Sau Ling, Yuen Wah, Yen Shi Kwan, Sheila Chan Suk Lan, Wu Ma, Gam Sap Yee, Chen Shan, Tai Bo, Anthony Carpio, Chu Tau, Louis Roth, Yuen Mao, Corey Yuen Kwai, Max Kasimsky Running Time: 92 min. Biao produced the movie (even ...

Tag Archives: Wong Me - 05/31/15, via

Director: Kao Pao Shu Writer: Kao Pao Shu Cast: Meng Yuen Man, Tony Ching Siu Tung, Casanova Wong, Yen Shi Kwan, Eddie Ko Hung, Wong Mei Mei, Max Lee Chiu Jun, Meg Lam Kin Ming, Sham Chin Bo, Chan Ling … Continue reading →

12 Essential Martial Arts Movies - 07/20/14, via Flavorwire

... for baby-faced Yen and Iron Monkey Yu Rongguang battling bad guy Hin Hung (a hammy Yen Shi-Kwan). The scene finds them balancing on top of poles, looming over a menacing fire. A little wire fu goes a long way sometimes, and Iron Monkey is a fan favorite.


  1. New Dragon Entrance Inn Trailer 1991 (新龍門客棧) [Donnie Yen ... Sun lung moon hak chan 27 August 1992 (Hong Kong) Casting: Brigitte Lin Tony Leung Ka Fai Maggie Cheung Donnie Yen Shi-Kwan Yen Cheung-Yan Yuen Lawrence Ng ...
  2. Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung (1992) - IMDb In the result to the Tsui Hark classic, Wong Fei-Hung faces The White Lotus society, a fanatical cult seeking to keenness the Europeans out of China through violence ...
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