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An Amazon Best Seller With Over 11.000 Downloads

Have you dreamed of leaving your fast-paced, high stress world for one that is more laid back?

Do you want to leave behind the financial hardships of working day in and day out and barely making enough to put food on the table? If you answered yes, living off the grid is the answer! Getting off the grid and transitioning to a self-sustaining lifestyle that gives you financial freedom is one way for you to enjoy life more.
Learning how to grow your own food and living without some of the luxuries in life will give you financial peace of mind without destroying your quality of life. When you make the leap to going off the grid and relying only on the sun for your energy needs, you are making a conscious choice to do something good for the environment and your bank account. Raising livestock on your own land is one way to ensure your food is healthy as well as extremely cheap! The satisfaction of knowing you can provide for yourself without relying on city and government services is worth every penny of the initial investment to go off the grid. This book will help you make decisions about what you need to go off the grid and thrive.

With This Book You Will...

  • Learn About The Pros & Cons Off Living Off the Grid
  • Learn About Alternatives to City Gas, Water and Electricity
    Cooking Including Heating with Wood And Recycled Paper
  • Learn The Basics of Growing Your Own Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
  • Learn About Raising Small Livestock
  • Learn Money Management Tips & Bartering
  • Learn How to Deal With Local Laws
  • Much, Much More

Readers say.......

"I was born in province wherein the most important needs is just you have food clothing and shelter. After my college, I find work in the City so I live here for almost 14 years. Every time I went home to my province, really i find it hard to stay for a long time there cos there is such a big difference in terms of lifestyle. Lack of power source. They are living in a more rural setting.

When I saw this book it makes me interest to read cos this book will simple guide all of us to OFF THE GRID SURVIVAL. Meaning it will teach you how on how you can survive living without any city resources and living off the land in more rural setting. I can definitely say that if you will leave this way, you can save more money and take you out in your debt really . So if you are planning and decided to live OFF THE GRID, this book is for you..So awesome"................ Odesa Apellado

"I really related to a lot of the Pros listed for living off the grid. I am generally quite a minimalist and would really like to pack it all in and live self-sufficiently on my own land.

I liked the ideas for using a solar oven and pressure cookers as a way to save electricity. There were...

Tiny Ron Taylor Real estate of I Love T Shirt XL Black

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  • Graphics don't fade or crack
  • North American made
  • Pre-shrunk

Product description

This Tiny Ron Taylor Property of I Love T Shirt is provided on quality cotton. This cool tee is pre-shrunk and the graphics are colorfast. Makes a great gift!

Juelz Santana - From Me to U [PA]

Juelz Santana - From Me to U [PA]

by Roc-a-fella Records (Miscellaneous)

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Chicago Sun-Times

Actors cancel their time as Tiny Tim in Goodman's 'Christmas Carol' 11/16/17, via Chicago Sun-Times

They are the actors, who, in maybe their earliest career moves, starred as the wee Tiny Tim in the Goodman Theatre's annual production of “A Christmas Carol.” The beloved play along improvise, which to date has been seen by nearly 1.5 million holiday season

This RSS dine URL is deprecated 12/04/17, via

Tiny Ron & Angelika Taylor Wedding

On Friday the 13th in March of 2015 Tiny Ron and Angelika Taylor got married again.

Doctor Who 52: 02 – Ten Reasons to Watch An Unearthly Child (SE)

Introducing Doctor Who – An Unearthly Child …. The first ever Doctor Who story begins with ordinary people who follow someone extraordinary to a blue box that’s bigger on the inside than the outside and travels in time and space. The best idea in the world hits the ground running: William Hartnell’s fantastic Doctor. throwing people into another time, throwing violence, dirt, role-reversals and every emotional and physical trial at them. I restarted these posts again last Wednesday with the first Doctor Who I ever saw – celebrating the series’ fifty-third anniversary. Now it’s time to go back to the very beginning. Which I can pretend is completely appropriate, because the very first episode, An Unearthly Child , was repeated a week later, immediately before The Cave of Skulls , the second episode of this story, was first broadcast. It’s almost as if I planned a repost – I mean, a ‘Special Edition’ – on its own fifty-third anniversary. So this is another post that I wrote originally last year with the idea of fifty-two-weeks’-worth of idiosyncratically selected Doctor Who. I hope it’ll still go on to be an exciting variety but, again, with my timing as reliable as the TARDIS, the next one may turn up later or sooner or just vanish completely. I’m having fun so far, though. This is the point where I’d usually say to press “Play All” on the DVD. If you’ve bought An Unearthly Child as a DVD on its own or as a download, that probably works. If you have it – as I do, and probably the best value, as the other discs are excellent too – in the Doctor Who DVD box set The Beginning , then it’ll make things much simpler and much more watchable, although it seems weird, if you press “Play... I’ll explain later. From the first second, everything says ‘This is a television programme like no other. ’ On Saturday 23rd November 1963 Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire’s incredible music and Barnard Lodge’s swirling howlround titles first grabbed people like nothing on Earth. The direction’s terrific, the lines memorable and the actors superb, and by the end of just the first episode you’ve been plunged from an ordinary school into the astonishing futurism of the TARDIS and then an eerie prehistoric wasteland. It’s inspired, but it delivers on all of that inspiration. This may just be the most brilliant piece of television ever… And there are still three episodes to go of this story alone, or, if you take a longer view, at minimum at least another eight hundred and twenty-seven more to follow. I first saw An Unearthly Child when it was repeated in 1981. Tom Baker had just stopped being the Doctor. I knew there were others, I’d even thrilled to many of their adventures on the page, but I’d not seen any of them. The Doctor here is so different from the Fourth Doctor even at his most alien – he’s so different, I know now, even from how William Hartnell’s character will become as he shows different facets from the brilliantly sparkling git in his introduction. This story introduces the central mystery and the TARDIS perfectly, but is it the right place to start with the Doctor. What other story can be more exciting to discover for the first time. And where else can you see the Doctor discovering humans are people for the first time and starting to become the character we know. He’s as ruthless and hostile-seeming here as you’ll ever see him, but by the second episode, he’s already saving the companions he’s previously chewed out and kidnapped, then starting to cheer them up, then before the story’s out making his first... Though his instinct is first to explore then, when that lands him in tricky situations, to escape, he’s already starting to flex his brain to achieve more than that. For me, William Hartnell’s performance here is one of the greatest of any Doctor in any story. He’s at first calculating and almost sinister – because he’s under threat. He becomes a lot more fun once the worst has happened and humans have forced their way into his TARDIS, seeing them much as he’ll call them “stupid apes” many years later. He might start off making life difficult for two nice teachers, but then he’s unexpectedly kind, then spoils it by hardly being able to keep his face straight (there’s an absolutely gorgeous touch at one point where he keeps having to turn away...

Source: Love and Liberty (dba Shopping)
Stately Jelly 1000mg 60 Caps by Montana Naturals


Montana Naturals - Noblewoman Jelly 1000 mg. - 60 Capsules Royal Jelly is commonly referred to as bee's milk. It is the sole sustenance of the queen bee, and is guilty for her amazing size, reproductivity and longevity. Royal Jelly is a super-nutrient containing a vast array of nutritional ingredients including the anti-oxidants A, C, and E, as proficiently as vitamin D, 9 B-complex vitamins, numerous amino acids, minerals and the nutrient -10-HDA. Montana Naturals Majestic Jelly is available in capsules, creamed honey with huckleberry juice, or honey. About Montana NaturalsBack in 1982, a salesman stopped for lunch in the tiny metropolis of Terry, Montana and overheard the town's lawyer, barber and beekeeper talking about bee pollen in the next booth. They had a lot of bee pollen but they didn't have a evidence about how to sell it. The salesman struck up a conversation and he started to sell the granules, capsules and tablets at truck stops along his course. Meanwhile, in Arlee, Montana, a local boy, Ron Hauge, returned from Europe with his Irish wife, Denise, where both had been working for the World Strength Organization (WHO) in Geneva. Ron was an entrepreneur and marketer with a business degree in finance and he was interested in creating a local business to support his people. The salesman and Ron crossed paths a year later and following their encounter, Ron formed a small company called Pollen and Herbs in 1983. Having worked for WHO, Ron and Denise were initially interested in bee pollen as a quite nutritious, compact food that might stave off world hunger. Out of their little office, they sent out samples and literature and realized that the bazaar for bee pollen lay with health food stores because the stores believed in foods as nature intended and the stores were already familiar with bee products. They hired a telemarketer and by the end of 1983, they were in 830 stores throughout the 50 states.


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The Uselessness of NATO: Do We Really Need to Defend Montenegro? - 12/01/16, via

Do we really want to lay the groundwork for World War III with nuclear-armed Russia in order to incorporate Montenegro’s tiny make-believe “army” into NATO? In a sane world, the clear answer would be: of course not. But we are living in the world ...

Tiny Mix Tapes - 11/30/16, via Tiny Mix Tapes

The rest of the 48 artists on the 2017 lineup includes Amnesia Scanner, Danny L Harle (PC Music), Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.), and many, many more. Find the full list below. To celebrate the new roster and the upcoming live showcase, SHAPE and Novas ...

Amanda Seyfried Is Expecting First Child With Thomas Sadoski, Debuts Baby Bump - 11/30/16, via

The actress revealed her pregnancy as she stepped out at a Givenchy event on Tuesday, November 29 in a sheer black dress which flaunted her tiny baby bump. Ron Adar/FilmMagic Congratulations are in order for Amanda Seyfried! The Hollywood actress is ...


  1. Tiny Ron - IMDb Tiny Ron, Actor: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Played polished basketball in the 70s in Vienna, Austria - won Austrian Championship-Ring 6 times then back home in ...
  2. Tiny Ron | Thought Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia Tiny Ron (born 21 November 1947; age 69) is the actor known for his r as Maihar'du in seven...
  3. Tiny Ron - Tiny Ron Taylor Tiny Ron is a 7 foot actor. ... The time to come of acting now is the value to camera. When you act for the camera, keep it simple.
Apollo DSKY from CM Simulator
Apollo DSKY from CM Simulator
This is a very special artifact, the original Apollo Guidance computer display and keyboard (DSKY) unit removed from the primary Command Module simulator at the Johnson Space Center. Neil Armstrong and every Apollo astronaut used this DSKY in training for their mission. This is the user interface to the Apollo Guidance Computer. Two-digit verb-noun pairs were entered in succession to control the computer’s operation. It's direct assembly programming with 1.1K FLOPS of processing power. The DSKY provided the astronauts with critical burn times for engine firings, course corrections, trajectories, and other key calculations vital in getting a crew to and from the moon. It was also the DSKY that almost caused an abort of the Apollo 11 mission, as it was blaring a Program Alarm as Armstrong was trying to land the LM on the lunar surface. One amazing historical footnote: “When production of onboard computers for the Apollo programme was at its peak, it consumed fully half of the...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
Disney - Ta da da - ta da dadada
Disney - Ta da da - ta da dadada
For Your Listening Enjoyment! View On Black See where this picture was taken. [?] 1/60 f/1.4 30mm ISO640 Pictured: SpectroMagic Main Street Hub Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort Bay Lake, Florida June, 2008 Thanks for stopping by!
Photo by Express Monorail on Flickr
Tiny Ron.
Tiny Ron.
Photo by dah on Flickr
Tiny Ron
Tiny Ron
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Tiny Ron Taylor Movies, All movies of Tiny Ron Taylor - ChiliMovie
Tiny Ron Taylor Movies, All movies of Tiny Ron Taylor - ChiliMovie
Tiny Ron - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Tiny Ron - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
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  • Ron_ejuleff @kjmarriott57 the swpl write ups in the @CornishGuardian are tiny these days!
  • A_tiny_creature RT @deadmansfingers: Cornish Ron the red nosed Reindeer, had a very tasty #rum!RT +Follow for a chance to #win #RUM MerryChristmas! htt…

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  • Tiny Shortbread Tarts Ingredients:butter, powdered sugar, flour
  • Tiny Cinnamon Rolls Ingredients:cinnamon, milk, powdered sugar, sandwich rolls, sugar, vanilla extract
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  • Ron's Grilled Shrimp Ingredients:cilantro, parsley, basil, garlic, shrimp, lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil, black pepper, red pepper, red wine vinegar, salt

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