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Introduction à La Théorie Littéraire

by University of Quebec Press
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introduction to literary theory

Me and Juliet [Source Cast Recording]

Me and Juliet [Source Cast Recording]

by Flare Records/trad Alive (Miscellaneous)

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International Falls Journal

Robert 'Bob' Fortier, 65 12/06/17, via International Falls Journal

Robert “Bob” Fortier, 65, of Big Falls, Minn., went to be with the Pull rank on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017. Bob was born July 30, 1952, to George and Audrey Fortier in Elkhart, Ind. Bob was a 1970 graduate of Littlefork-Big Falls Steep School. Bob grew up in Wolf


Band Dawg It's All about Respect

Band Dawg It's All about Respect


ISBN 0974937800,9780974937809
30 pages

A weekend homework nomination finds Trevor, a young pup, asking his family and neighbors about the meaning of "respect."


It's 2017 and I was watching TCM yesterday and they showed 'Barrel Ball' and 2018 is the future that game was played. I liked that movie when it first came out except for James Caan's weirdo Jonathan E. His depression over his wayward wife is something I have never experienced - what I mean I have had three divorces and breakups with girlfriends but not in the least... But the violent game and my favorite music 'Toccata and Fugue in D Minor' by Johann Sebastian Bach still fired me up even though it's weird living to the date in some scifi movie and nothing has come to pass. I don't know if you remember Virgil Fox a concert organist who played 'Portly Organ',his billing not my words, which I saw in Oakland, CA at the Paramount theater, a restored 1931 art deco theatre, with a monster organ setup. I even bought the album and played it in my Victorian. age homestead on my quadraphonic stereo equipment in 1975. It did not make too many people happy, except me. I read your profile and noticed you busy in Trenton, NJ. I was stationed at McGuire AFB from 1964 to 1965 and then shipped to Southeast Asia. I met a woman there and when I came back in 1967 I went back on cause and married her, my first wife, in Trenton, NJ. I bought a new HP all-in-one desktop computer, using it now, and a HP 17' laptop. I was just fed up with old operating systems and hardware. Didn't in the end need it, just wanted it. Hope Christmas and New Years were fun, I'll bother you later. Skullator aka Arthur. Hey, Arthur. ) Anyway, I always prospect (even as a little kid) that Jonathan E was pretty darn sensitive when it came to the ladies. It's odd since Caan's character is otherwise as tough as nails, so to speak. I also like the plot element of the story: the way Jonathan E peels away the layers to get to the woeful truth. Interesting, too, that the corporation doesn't like the idea of any one fellow standing out from the pack. It reflects much of what goes on today in the school systems, where to excel beyond the others is frowned upon. Oh, yes, Toccata in Fugue is one sturdy piece. I bought it on vinyl years ago. It not only reflects "Rollerball" but so many cool horror films, including "Dr. Phibes". Hey, how 'turn that Trenton connection. Anyway, Christmas/New Year's were fine, Arthur. Hope all was well for you, my friend. In October 2014, Damnation Books, later an imprint of Spero Publishing/Caliburn Beg, published my surreal, monster-rally novel, "Flask of Eyes". "Flask" stems from my love of "Twilight Zone", Ray Bradbury yarns, superheroes, as amiably as classic film and literary monsters. Artist Ash Arceneaux supplied the lurid cover. During the summer of 2015, Ron Fortier of Airship 27 Productions accepted my flesh-hero, adventure novel, "Enter--the Persona. The novel (also labeled "The Persona: Vol 1") is presently available through Amazon. It features spectacular internal artwork by Art Cooper, an atmospheric cover by Shannon Hall and catchy back-cover design by Rob Davis. On the short-story furor, Devolution Z Magazine published my short story, "The Bog Demon Triumphant" in its premiere (Aug '15) issue. The tale pays celebration to such films as "Creature from the Black Lagoon", "Monster of Piedras Blancas" and "How to Make a Monster". The issue is currently convenient in digital and paperback form through Amazon. Along with my passion for writing (and much to my wife, Donna's dismay), I am an avid connoisseur of horror, fantasy and science-fiction memorabilia: a kind of Forry Ackerman Jr, in this regard. Yep, I have all sorts of movie-connected oddities everywhere the house and hold them all very dear to my heart. My "Collectible Time" posts cater to those new items that come my way.

Source: Welcome to my Bizarre Realm of Monster Team-ups, Superheroics, Time Travel and Alternate Realities! (dba Shopping)
Me And Juliet (Ocr)


Me And Juliet (Ocr)



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The Masked Rider swaddle
The Masked Rider swaddle
THE MASKED RIDER Free West Tales Vol II Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to put on its spurs and chaps to announce the release of its second Masked Rider anthology; THE MASKED RIDER – Unruly West Tales Vol. II After the bloody City War ended, the rugged landscape that was the frontier west was soon flooded by all manner of immigrants; from cowboys, foundation settlers and an all manner of outlaws. In their path the various Indian tribes desperate to save their lands. Soon the mountains, plains and valleys echoed with the sounds of gunfire and genocide flowed like rivers in these lawless territories. Then a masked man appeared on the scene, his twin Colts barking out justice. He and his Yaqui pal, Blue Hawk, rode these endless trails protecting law and order wherever they went. He was known as the Masked Rider and now he returns in three stigmatize new gun-blazing adventures by writers Erwin K. Roberts, Bill Craig and Roman Leary. “Our first volume was a mix of western heroes,...
Photo by Michael Vance1 on Flickr
The 20-Blink Challenge - Registered Runners
The 20-Blink Challenge - Registered Runners
. On July 18, 2012, the Game Room stores will be having a 20-minute challenge. Across Canada and in some American states, the Running Leeway stores will be inviting all runners and walkers to come out for a "group" practice run. All registered participants will receive a set free 'technical" running cap. Last year, the cap was orange (pictured above), while this year the cap will be blue. You can roster for the 20 Minute Challenge online,'s free ! Here is the web page with the updated list of the thousands of registered runners, for all pile up locations. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Listed below are the Ottawa-area runners and walkers who were registered on or before July 17, month before the event. The names of the on the brink of 600 local runners are sorted by community, and first name. OTTAWA RESIDENTS Adrian Jones Alain Desgranges Alexandra Anderson Ali Pasternak Alice Kwong Amanda Morrill Amanda Wannamaker Andrea Cooper Andrea...
Photo by ianhun2009 on Flickr
9) Half-Marathoners from Ottawa, Gatineau & Square: stats and pics (Kristine - Maria)
9) Half-Marathoners from Ottawa, Gatineau & Square: stats and pics (Kristine - Maria)
There are 15 web pages listing Ottawa, Gatineau & section half marathoners. This web page lists the area half-marathoners who have first names starting with a Kristine to Maria. =================================== For the names of the other half-marathon runners, go to the set called "Ottawa-quarter Half-marathoners" which has links to the full directory of names i.e., all 15 web pages. =================================== To access race statistics AND pictures (if convenient), first click on this Sportstats’ link and enter the runner's last and first names, and then click on Search. =================================== The names are derived from the following half-marathon races: i) 2010 Canada Army Run (affiliation for photos only) *no longer available ii) 2010 Ottawa Fall Colours (link for photos only) iii) 2010 Nine Run Run (unite for photos only) iv) 2011 Winterman (link for photos only) v) 2011 Ottawa Race Weekend (link for photos only) *no longer at one's disposal vi)...
Photo by ianhun2009 on Flickr
Robert Fortier - Thought Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Robert Fortier - Thought Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Robert Fortier : avis de décès et nécrologie sur InMemoriam
Robert Fortier : avis de décès et nécrologie sur InMemoriam
Robert FORTIER : Biography and movies
Robert FORTIER : Biography and movies
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