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Performing Shakespeare: Preparation, Drill, Performance

by Nick Hern Books
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Drawing on a lifetime’s experience of playing Shakespearean roles, Oliver Ford Davies offers practical advice to actors, directors, and drama students on a wide variety of scenes, characters, speeches, and individual lines from almost every one of the plays. An authoritative, hands-on guide through the practical challenges involved in performing Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Fathers and Daughters

by Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare
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A theme that obsessed Shakespeare in over 20 plays from Titus Andronicus to The Tempest was the relationship between a daughter and her father. This study traces chronologically the development of this theme, relating it to the little we know of his own two daughters, and sheds new light on his exploration of the family that so dominated his approach to drama. Drawing on a lifetime's experience of playing Shakespearean roles, Oliver Ford Davies, a former university lecturer and now an Honorary Associate Artist of the RSC and Olivier Award winner, has written an engaging and deeply researched study of a topic that has intrigued him from playing Capulet in 1967, King Lear in 2002, to Polonius in 2008.



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Times Higher Education (THE)

Shakespeare's Fathers and Daughters, by Oliver Ford Davies 06/28/17, via Times Higher Education (THE)

Not every actor could erase a credible academic book, but Oliver Ford Davies, once a university lecturer, has. Himself the father of a daughter, he has acted a number of Shakespeare's fathers of daughters over a 50-year days. Moreover, he has read

Geelong Advertiser

GCA: Murgheboluc to unleash English County speedster against North Geelong 10/06/17, via Geelong Advertiser

Major batsmen Joel Davies, Matt Laffey come into the Swans' team, while Damian Koliba is battling injury. TEAMS: South Barwon: Not submitted. New & Chil: J. Battenally, “I'm look forward to see how he develops,” See captain Richie Oliver said of

Game of Thrones Cressen Interview - Oliver Ford Davies

Game of Thrones Maester Cressen, Oliver Ford Davies, chats about trying to kill the red priestess Melisandre with poison and why she can't be killed, all-night .


Playing Lear

Playing Lear

Published by Nick Hern Books 2017

ISBN 1854596985,9781854596987
211 pages

St Joan at the Donmar, or Ineffective Modernisation

Note: This is a review of the matinee on Saturday 7th January 2017. The previous time I saw this great play was at the National Theatre in 2007 directed by Marianne Eliot and starring Anne-Marie Duff in the title role. Shortly before I attended this new version a debate arose in my twitter timeline about the appropriateness or otherwise of making comparisons to past productions/performances. In addition a great production of a work I've seen previously actually usually has the effect of making me forget, while I'm watching it, that I have seen those previous versions (a recent show that achieved this was the Opera North Billy Budd ).... Josie Rourke's new version doesn't run it close, mainly because of a badly judged attempt at modernisation. Recently I've felt that rather a lot of directors appear haunted by the Iraq war (Ivo van Hove's recent Barbican Shakespeare mash-up and Robert Icke's ineffective Oresteia at the Almeida spring to mind). This seems to result in a desire to make plays which weren't specifically dealing with that conflict overtly speak to it – the results in my experience are rarely effective. Rourke's St Joan falls into this trap. Robert Jones's set (bar the beginning and the end) consists of an enormous glass conference table and pastel covered chairs on wheels, backed by video display screens. The table is further placed on a revolve, and proceeds to do so for almost the entirety of the show – this device adds nothing. As on other occasions with this kind of narrowing of focus of geographically expansive work, the show loses a sense of kingdoms being at stake – not only because the world is so circumscribed but more significantly because rooms and costuming are... No doubt that is the point, but it falls down when the script is so very clear about when and where we are supposed to be. Putting only Joan in more medievalish garb only further confuses the issue. The table also imprisons the actors – it hampers the ability to create effective tension in positioning and interaction. On occasion Rourke goes even further to deliberately hamper this – most notably in the bizarre decision to have Joan's meeting with the Dauphin staged as a video conference call. Finally, on the production side, there is the ineffective use of the video screens. Here I had the feeling that Rourke simply didn't trust the text and the audience enough. Shaw's story is very clear, but Rourke seems to feel the audience needs it spelling out even further. Consequently, she interpolates video of news reports telling us what is going on. These are done, at least to begin with, as stockmarket type bulletins with the various scenes framed as taking place at French businesses. These slow down the drama, don't tell us anything we couldn't grasp from Shaw's text, and it is telling that the device is largely abandoned after the interval, but there is a more serious problem. There are a number of big issues at play in that text, but money is not the central one – in that sense too the screens are a distraction rather than a reinforcement of the play's arguments. This is a set of solid rather than outstanding performances. No one in the cast quite manages one of those seamless performances of text where their lines flow in character from beginning to end. Shaw is tricky in this respect, as tricky I think as, for example, Shakespeare. Here too many individuals interpolate the odd pause in the wrong place, or just don't quite manage that total joining of delivery with character that is essential to a really great piece of acting. There isn't finally an individual performance to compare with Oliver Ford Davies's Inquisitor or Anne-Marie Duff's Joan or, if you want a more recent comparison, Ralph Fiennes's performance in the NT revival of Shaw's Man and Superman. I also had the feeling that the cast and/or Rourke were too keen to go for the individual laughs where they needed to pay more attention to the rhythm and build of the longer arguments. Finally, nearly all the performances here were too much at one level – there are key confrontations where the temperature on stage needs to ebb and flow in subtle ways (the trial scene is a good instance) and the ensemble don't sufficiently find...

Source: Where's Runnicles
Performing Majesty Lear


Monarch Lear is arguably the most complex and demanding play in the whole of Shakespeare. Once thought impossible to stage, today it is performed with increasing frequency, both in Britain and America. It has been staged more over in the last fifty years than in the previous 350 years of its performance history, its bleak message clearly chiming in with the growing harshness, cruelty and fierceness of the modern world. Performing King Lear offers a very different and practical perspective from most studies of the extemporize, being centred firmly on the reality of creation and performance. The book is based on Jonathan Croall's unique interviews with twenty of the most distingu actors to have undertaken this daunting role during the last forty years, including Donald Sinden, Tim Pigott-Smith, Timothy West, Julian Glover, Oliver Ford Davies, Derek Jacobi, Christopher Plummer, Michael Pennington, Brian Cox and Simon Russell Beale. He has also talked to two dozen matchless directors who have staged the play in London, Stratford and elsewhere. Among them are Nicholas Hytner, David Hare, Kenneth Branagh, Adrian Patrician, Deborah Warner, Jonathan Miller and Dominic Dromgoole. Each reveals in precise and absorbing detail how they have dealt with the formidable take exception to of interpreting and staging Shakespeare's great tragedy.


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Carnegie’s early haul leaves the Titans struggling - 02/06/17, via Yorkshire Post

Yorkshire Carnegie: Elder, Holmes, Lucock, Casson (McColl 40), Prell, Ford, Davies, Boyce (O’Donnell 69), Nilsen ... 49), Madison (Graham 28), Rees (Herriott 69), Normandale (D Oliver 59), Curry, Lawrence, Calladine, MacDonald. Referee: Andrew Jackson.

Yorkshire Carnegie 56 Rotherham Titans 26: Rotherham recover from early mauling to pick up losing bonus point at play-off favourites - 02/06/17, via The Star

Yorkshire Carnegie: Elder, Holmes, Lucock, Casson (McColl 40), Prell, Ford, Davies, Boyce(O’Donnell 69), Nilsen ... 49), Madison(Graham 28), Rees(Herriott 69), Normandale(D. Oliver 59), Curry, Lawrence, Calladine, MacDonald. Referee: Andrew Jackson.

Ford full of praise despite seeing unbeaten run ended - 01/30/17, via Banbury Guardian

Kayne McLaggon’s solitary second half goal settled the premier division contest but James Smith saw his late penalty saved by Merthyr keeper Oliver Davies. Ford said: “I asked my team for a mature performance and I’ve got nothing but praise for my ...


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In memory of these 454 British Forces personnel,  including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014
In memory of these 454 British Forces personnel, including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014
In memory of the 454 British Forces personnel, including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan 2001 -2014. The vast majority of fatalities took place with the deployment of British forces to the Taliban stronghold of Helmand province (prior to deployment in this area only five men died between April 2002 and early March 2006). To see the original size of the image, select from the down-arrow menu at the bottom left of the image field. Added is Lance Corporal Michael Campbell of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh, died on 23 July 2015 of wounds sustained in Afghanistan in April, 2012. ---------- Text below (edited to reflect end of the mission) from UK forces [were] deployed to Afghanistan [2001-2014] in support of the UN-authorised, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission and as part of the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). [Beginning] 2003 UK...
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oliver ford davies
oliver ford davies
polonius in the royal shakespeare companys latest production of hamlet
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That Was the Year That Was - 1969
That Was the Year That Was - 1969
1969 saw the Manson murders, the Stonewall riots, the Woodstock festival and man landing on the moon. The Stonewall riots were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay community against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn, located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. They are widely considered to constitute the single most important event leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBT rights in the United States. Charles Manson, who is serving a life sentence for nine murders committed in July and August of 1969 near Hollywood, California. Manson did not actually commit any of the murders, but orchestrated the killings. He was initially sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted when California's death penalty was overturned in 1972. 1969 On July 20th one of mans crowning achievements occurred when American Astronaut Neil Armstrong...
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oliver ford davies bio oliver robert ford davies is an english actor ...
oliver ford davies bio oliver robert ford davies is an english actor ...
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Oliver Ford Davies Film Streaming VK
Oliver Ford Davies Film Streaming VK
Oliver Ford Davies interview - News and events, The University of York
Oliver Ford Davies interview - News and events, The University of York
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