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Dramaturgy Classics: Spring Awakening

by Fantom Films
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Wedekind's play about adolescent sexuality is as disturbing today as when it was first produced Wedekind's notorious play Spring Awakening was written in 1891 but had to wait the greater part of a century before it received its first complete performance in Britain, at the National Theatre in 1974. The production was highly praised, much of its strength deriving from this translation by Edward Bond and Elisabeth Bond Pable, 'scrupulously faithful both to Wedekind's irony and his poetry.' The Times This translation of Spring Awakening was first performed at the National Theatre, London on 24 May 1974. For this edition the translator, Edward Bond, has written a note on the play and a factual introduction to Wedekind's life and work.

The Awakening of Springiness

by IDB Productions
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The Awakening of Spring is the German playwright Frank Wedekind's first leading and pivotal play in today's annals of stage performances. It is the original idea for the modern rock harmony Spring Awakening. The act censures the lewd society at the end of the century Germany gives a stunning production of the amatory caprices that it causes. Because of the description of its gist, the drama has frequently been proscribed. Benjamin Franklin Wedekind commonly referred to as Frank Wedekind, was a German tragedian. His play, which frequently slates conformist approaches mostly about sex, is careful to foresee depiction of art and was instrumental in the expansion of classic plays. Benjamin Franklin Wedekind was born in Hannover, Germany. His mother was Swiss and his father was German, they had a castle in Switzerland where Frank was raised. His first and foremost drama is Frühlings Erwachen or Spring Awakening which involves sexual interest and adolescence in several young German apprentices, began a disgrace as it held views of homoeroticism, inferred group male self-stimulation, real male self-stimulation, sado-masochism of a young boy and girl, rape and suicide, also citations to abortion. The 'Lulu' dramas Erdgeist or Earth Spirit and Die Büchse der Pandora or Pandora's Box, were perhaps his highly notable plays and had an adaptation in 2006 for Spring Awakening. Many of his plays have been converted into the English language by Samuel Atkins Eliot, Jr. Frank's other works include: Die Kammersänger or The Court-Singer or The Tenorist, a one-act play; Der Marquis von Keith or The Marquis of Keith; Mine-Haha, or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls, a novella; König Nicolo oder So ist das Leben or King Nicolo, or Such is Life; Hidalla oder Sein und Haben or Hidalla, or Being and Having; Musik or Music; Totentanz or The Dance of Death; Schloss Wetterstein or Castle Wetterstein; Franziska; Bismarck.

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Published by Brenda Hammond

ISBN 9780981031743,0981031749
321 pages

If Wallace is the name that's written in the stars, why is Stephanie falling for a man called Ben? Lovely but dyslexic Stephanie Mortlake is blessed—or is that cursed?—with a clairvoyant aunt. Recently released from hospital, Tilda announces she received an important message for her niece. On the 5th February Stephanie, who's pretty much given up hope of seeing her 50th wedding anniversary, is going to meet her Mr. Right. Not only that, but Tilda knows the name: Wallace. And to help matters along, she'll host a modest get-together. Seven guys with that name will be invited. The incentive? To have the chance to court oil heiress Stephanie. Ex-playboy Benjamin Wright plans to be a professor. After a disastrous and well-publicized romance with a diva, he longs to repair his relationship...


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