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2016 Topps Update #US107 Rene Rivera New York Mets Baseball Probable-MINT

by Topps
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2016 Topps Update #US107 Rene Rivera New York Mets Baseball Card-MINT

Voces del Alma (Spanish Printing)

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Voces del alma, eso es, lo que es cada uno de estos escritos, voces en silencio que quieren ser escuchadas, voces que quieren contar de bellos momentos vividos, de dolores sufridos, de sabiduría con lagrimas, dolor y tiempo ganada, voces que quieren hablar de maravillosos sentimientos, sentidos, gozados en algunos momentos, voces que quieren pintar dolorosos cuadros, cuando te desgarras por dentro. Si, son voces del alma, de cualquier alma que haya vivido y por tanto haya amado, gozado y sufrido…

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Rising Apple

Mets catcher Rene Rivera has become indispensable 01/07/17, via Rising Apple

Rene Rivera randomly came on the scene, a big reason being a veteran presence around the young catchers that the Mets had at the top of the food chain. When Travis d'Arnaud went down in 2016, the minor league Rivera came up and has quickly become

Projecting the Mets infield: David Wright, Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera will headline 02/04/17, via

Next in line: Kevin Plawecki, Rene Rivera. Former power-hitting Baltimore backstop Matt Wieters was available but the Mets passed. Instead, they chose to stick with the injury-prone d'Arnaud. He battled shoulder injuries that limited him to 75 games


The Alcalde

The Alcalde


104 pages

As the magazine of the Texas Exes, The Alcalde has united alumni and friends of The University of Texas at Austin for nearly 100 years. The Alcalde serves as an intellectual crossroads where UT's luminaries - artists, engineers, executives, musicians, attorneys, journalists, lawmakers, and professors among them - meet bimonthly to exchange ideas. Its pages also offer a place for Texas Exes to swap stories and share memories of Austin and their alma mater. The magazine's unique name is Spanish for "mayor" or "chief magistrate"; the nickname of the governor who signed UT into existence was "The Old Alcalde."

MLB trade rumors: Plenty of options on free agent market for Tigers to fill catcher void

They are necessary and do an important job, but aside from the really expensive ones that do special stuff, there’s really nothing exciting about acquiring one. Even the ones you spend a lot of money on often make you question if it was really worth it. Coming out of 2015, the Detroit Tigers had their catching position pretty well figured out. James McCann had supplanted Alex Avila in the number one spot on the depth chart as Avila departed via free agency. McCann started the 2016 season off with a trip to the disabled list in early April, and got off to a horrid start once he returned from injury. Practically all of his offensive numbers decline across the board from 2015 to 2016. McCann is 26 years old and has only played his second full season with the major league club, so it’s difficult to say if this was a down year or if this is the... He’s certainly capable behind the plate, and many people (looking at you, Jim Price) believe he’s a future All-Star. McCann's second half showed improvement over the first, but hit just. While this is fine for a catcher, it isn’t really setting the world on fire. *Contract options for 2017. There are some pretty sexy names on that list, and you can start by crossing them right off. Lucroy has a team option that is going to be picked up by the Texas Rangers. Wieters may receive a qualifying offer from the Orioles, but in the case that he doesn’t, the questions surrounding Wilson Ramos and his recent surgery to repair a royally jacked up knee make ol’ Wiets the most attractive free agent on the market. Behind Wieters is Castro, who, despite his ever-decreasing average still maintains a respectable on base percentage, and is all the rage with the pitch framing crowd. The Astros seem pretty intent on bringing him back, and if they don't they will at least drive up the price. I'll go on a limb here and guess that part of the new plan in Detroit isn’t going to involve dropping any significant amount of money on a catcher. Some have options that will probably be picked up (Carlos Ruiz), and some will be roughly equal to or better than what is already in place for the price. I’ve selected those guys because they have equal to or better offensive numbers than McCann and won’t cost a ton of money. We’re basically looking at Drew Butera, Geovany Soto, Kurt Suzuki, and Nick Hundley as potential complements (or replacements) for McCann. Let’s start off with Butera. He’s a 33-year-old who has spent parts of six seasons in the majors with several different teams. Don’t let his 2016 batting average fool you, though. This is the first year he has been anywhere north of the Mendoza line and a. 373 BABIP leads me to believe his odds of keeping it there are somewhere in the realm of slim to none. Geovany Soto is also on the older side of things which is unfortunate when you’re good at what you do. On the other hand, when you’re Soto and the last time you were the primary backstop was in 2011 when you pimped a. 228 batting average, being 33... He’ll slug pretty well, but without more than that I’m not sure he’s much better than what the Tigers already have. Kurt Suzuki turned 33 two days after the season ended. He had a bit of a bounce-back year in 2016, batting. His preferred location , if he even decides to play next year, works against the Tigers, but when he went unclaimed on waivers in August it seemed a pretty clear indication he could probably be had for pretty cheap in the offseason. Age aside, Hundley is the first guy numbers-wise who doesn’t make me immediately say no. He hit over. 300 in 2015, and when he wasn’t injured he had a pretty good year in 2016, hitting. His caught stealing percentage was pretty terrible last year, though, and calling him average defensively is generous. The long and the short of the free agent situation is this: of the guys in the affordable range, the only one who was even remotely close to McCann defensively (David Ross) has decided to stop playing baseball next year. The other four are old, will all cost more to retain than McCann, and fall somewhere between trash fire and mediocre on the defensive spectrum. The only names who even remotely makes sense are Suzuki and Hundley, and someone should slap me for even saying that. Up to this point, I’m still firmly in the "McCann for Starter" camp. We should probably discuss Wilson Ramos. He was having himself quite the year for the Washington Nationals in 2016, batting over.

Source: Bless You Boys - All Posts (dba Shopping)
Picture: The Remixes [International E


Lyricists: Raz Nitzan; Adrian Broekhuyse; Cathy Burton. Personnel: Jennifer Rene, Sharon den Adel, Vera Ostrova, Jacqueline Govaert, Christopher Jones, Audrey Gallagher, Cathy Burton (vocals); Denise Rivera (sampler). Audio Remixers: Richard Durand; Cosmic Assemblage; Sied Van Riel; Sean Tyas; Woody Van Eyden; Martin Roth; Thomas Bronzwaer. On IMAGINE: THE REMIXES, a sampling of upsetting hitters from the trance scene try their hand at remixing tracks from Armin van Buuren's commercially successful third studio album, 2008's Take it for granted. The two-disc release boasts an impressive roster of highly regarded producers such as Martin Roth, Cosmic Gate, Richard Durand, and Omnia. The remixes themselves sphere from shades of throbbing industrial to high-energy club bangers, and making the album even more accessible are the vocals present on the manhood of tracks.


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Mets' initial 2017 payroll projection: $106.7M - 11/03/16, via ESPN

Michael Conforto 19. Curtis Granderson $15M 20. Jay Bruce $13M Bench 21. Wilmer Flores $2.9M 22. Rene Rivera $2.3M 23. T.J. Rivera 24. Juan Lagares $4.5M 25. Brandon Nimmo Projection: Before making any offseason maneuvers to add players, the Mets' payroll ...

Pace 2017 Salary Projections: Travis d’Arnaud, C - 11/01/16, via

Even after returning from the disabled list last season, he saw himself losing more and more time to backup catcher Rene Rivera. In fact, it’s my opinion that GM Sandy Alderson will look to upgrade the catching position by hook or by crook before ...

Mets 101 Player Review Series: Travis D’Arnaud - 10/26/16, via Sports Media 101

d'Arnaud came back as a glorified singles hitter, delivering only 11 extra base hits in 251 at bats, and began losing playing time to the more defensive minded Rene Rivera down the stretch. The Mets carried d'Arnaud on the bench for the Wild Card game ...


  1. Rene Rivera set to be Mets’ backup catcher as 2017 period ... In the anything else week of the 2016 season, the Mets signed veteran catcher Rene Rivera. And after just eight games with the team’s Triple-A affiliate in Las ...
  2. Rene Rivera Stats | 8/25 Within hours of closing week’s edition of our top August trade candidates, Curtis Granderson (No. 2) was shipped from the Mets to the Dodgers in exchange or a ...
  3. Cubs Reportedly Verbalize Interest in Defensively-Inclined ... Now, another vigorous-suited option: Mets back-up Rene Rivera. Adam Rubin reports, via sources, that the Cubs have contacted the Mets “to express interest in ...
Composition (1923) - George Servranckx
Composition (1923) - George Servranckx
Belem, Berardo Collection, Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal Material : Oil on canvas BIOGRAPHY Pintor, escultor, designer e escritor belga, estudou na Académie des Beaux-Arts em Bruxelas (1913-17), onde as suas pinturas académicas receberam numerosos prémios. Explora a Arte Abstracta, da qual foi um dos primeiros praticantes no seu país. Em 1920 juntou-se ao grupo de artistas parisienses L'Effort Moderne, promovido por L. Rosenberg. Servranckx foi um forte defensor da abstraccção como forma de transcender a simples imitação das aparências e opôss-se aos que a concebiam em termos meramente decorativos. Pintava regularmente, segundo um estilo representacional, de forma a exibir as suas capacidades enquanto pintor convencional. Nos últimos anos da sua actividade continuou a pintar no mesmo estilo e começou a fazer colagens muito próximas, por vezes, das de Kurt Schwitters. Source: Berardo Collection site From Wikipedia (Netherland version) BIOGRAFIE Van kindsbeen af...
Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr
Diego Urcola's Trumpet |  Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este 2012 | 120109-5765-jikatu
Diego Urcola's Trumpet | Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este 2012 | 120109-5765-jikatu
5 al 8 de enero en la finca El Sosiego, en Punta Ballena, Punta del Este, Uruguay. Domingo 8 de enero, 20hs. Richie Goods quartet Helen Sung, piano Mike Clark, drums Seamus Blake, tenor sax Richie Goods, bass Grant Stewart - Eric Alexander Philip Stewart, drums David Wong, bass Grant Stewart, tenor sax Eric Alexander, tenor sax Special guest Harold Mabern, piano Paquito D'Rivera | “Tributo a James Moody” René Rosnes, piano Adam Nussbaum, drums Todd Coolman, bass Diego Urcola, trumpet Valery Ronomarev, trumpet Paquito D Rivera, alto sax & clarinet. . Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Lens: EF135mm f/2L USM Focal Length: 135 mm Exposure: ¹⁄₂₅₀ sec at f/2.0 ISO: 400
Photo by jikatu on Flickr
Rene Rivera and Me
Rene Rivera and Me
Photo by Dinur on Flickr
... this photo rene rivera rene rivera 44 of the tampa bay rays poses for
... this photo rene rivera rene rivera 44 of the tampa bay rays poses for
Rene Rivera Rene Rivera #44 of the San Diego Padres poses during MLB ...
Rene Rivera Rene Rivera #44 of the San Diego Padres poses during MLB ...
Rene Rivera Stats, News, Pictures, Bio, Videos - New York Mets - ESPN
Rene Rivera Stats, News, Pictures, Bio, Videos - New York Mets - ESPN
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