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The complete book about the life of Academy Award nominee River Phoenix, from his parents beginning, his birth, member of a cult religion, to his TV acting, activism, veganism and movie career.

Hipster Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia

Hipster Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia

by Walker Art Center (Architecture Books)

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Guide Hill Regional High School graduation 06/04/17, via Worcester Telegram

Kyle Thomas Radziewicz, Madeline Jessica Ramsey, Christopher Tyler Rapoza, Sarah B. Redmond, Maeghen Elizabeth Reilly, Paige Marie Richard, Klea Emilie Frances Richardson, *Virginia Rose Richert (NHS), Bailey Rose Ross, Harrison Charles Rotondo

Dustin Lee Van Hoose 05/17/17, via

He married the preceding Stephanie Richert and together they were the parents of four children, all of whom were the loves of his life. The pride and joy that his children gave him can not possibly be described in words.Surviving are his parents, William


Winter Kills

Winter Kills

Published by Singapore Books 1979

290 pages

President Timothy Kegan is assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Philadelphia; a single shooter is caught and convicted. Fourteen years later, the slain President’s brother, Nick, hears a deathbed confession that upends everything he thought he knew about his brother’s death. In a desperate rush to find the real killer, Nick must navigate the murky waters of a conspiracy that involves the CIA, oil barons, the police force, movie stars, and people at the highest level of government. A gripping political thriller, this book contains disturbing echoes of the Kennedy Assassination. Rife with political intrigue, it addresses many mysteries that remain unsolved in the real life JFK case—and it’s sure to keep you turning pages. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Richard Condon (1915-1996) is a political...

Review of Memory in the Bible and Antiquity

Stephen C. Barton, Loren T. Stuckenbruck, Benjamin G. Wold, eds. Memory in the Bible and Antiquity: The Fifth Durham-Tübingen Research Symposium (Durham, September 2004). Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 212. Edited by Jörg Frey. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2007. vi + 394 pp. Hb. € 109. 00. ISBN: 978-3-16-149251-8. As I mentioned in a previous book review, the study of memory has exploded in the past few decades. This book is the result of a collaboration between the Theology departments based at Durham University in England (where I am currently studying) and Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, Germany. Back in 2004, these two departments hosted their fifth symposium in Durham. The theme of that meeting was “Memory and Remembrance in Early Judaism and Early Christianity. ” According to the introduction, this topic was chosen in order to meet a research gap in the study of memory, namely the “theological and socio-religious significance of memory” (p. 1). Since this symposium took place when I was only sixteen... However, I can tell you that this book was, by and largely, a joy to read and contains valuable research that I will continue to use for years to come. The book consists of a pretty standard introduction and sixteen essays (12 in English and 4 in German). The following is the stellar Table of Contents:. Introduction. Stuckenbruck, Stephen C. Barton, and Benjamin G. Wold. Joachim Schaper. The Living Word Engraved in Stone: The Interrelationship of the Oral and the Written and the Culture of Memory in the Books of Deuteronomy and Joshua. The Peculiarities of the Hebrew Prose Tradition. Benjamin G. Wold. Memory in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Exodus, Creation and Cosmos. The Teacher of Righteousness Remembered: From Fragmentary Sources to Collective Memory in the Dead Sea Scrolls. History-writing and History-telling in First and Second Maccabees. William Horbury. The Remembrance of God in the Psalms of Solomon. Memory Politics: Josephus on Jews in the Memory of the Greeks. Societies of Memory in the Graeco-Roman World. Theological Memory Distortion in the Jesus Tradition. Social Memory and the Oral Jesus Tradition. Der Lukasprolog und seine Augenzeugen: Die Apostel, Petrus und die Frauen. Ulrike Mittmann-Richert. Erinnerung und Heilserkenntnis im Lukasevangelium. Erinnerung und Legende: Die Berufung des Paulus und ihre Darstellung in der Apostelgeschichte. Hans-Joachim Eckstein. Das Johannesevangelium als Erinnerung an die Zukunft der Vergangenheit. Memory and Remembrance in Paul. New Testament Wirkungsgeschichte and the Early Christian Appeal to Living Memory. As you can see from the Table of Contents, the subject matter stretches across a wide range of topics and time frames including Deuteronomy, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the intertestamental period, Josephus, the Gospels, and Paul. This offering of topics demonstrates the adaptable nature of memory studies. Four particular highlights of this book for me were chapters 1, 3, 10, and 15. In chapter 1, Joachim Schaper discusses the role of writing and memory in the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua. This is a highly relevant topic as it is in these books where memory plays the most prominence in the Old Testament. Furthermore, it is the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua that speak of the “book” of the Torah of Moses. It is this link between memory and writing that Schaper explores in this essay, and he does so with great skill and insight. He makes such observations as, “As far as Deuteronomy and Joshua are concerned, the written record is at the heart of the religious life and thus at the heart of the whole of Israelite existence…[but] textuality, in ancient Israel and Judah,... The Torah should be recited and taught to the next generation, but there was a written standard. In chapter 3, Benjamin Wold offers as fascinating and important study of every.

Source: Stephen D. Campbell (dba Shopping)
We Beloved New York: The Ultimate New Yo


Includes liner notes by R. Peter Munves and Suzanne Schwing. Personnel: Elaine Stritch, David Lowenstein, Jim Walton, John W. Sublett, J.K. Simmons, Robert LaFosse, Jerry Orbach, Karen Mason, Karen Zimba, Ken Folio, Lee Roy Reams, Michael Kubala, Morgana King, Nathan Lane, Nell Carter, Scott Wise, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tommy Leonetti, Walter Bobbie, Wanda Richert, William Bolcom, Joan Morris, Bob Cuccioli, Brenda Pressley, Charlaine Woodard (vocals); Chuck Wilson (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone); Seldon Powell (saxophone); Virgil Jones (trumpet); Luther Henderson (piano); Jackie Williams (drums). Liner Note Father: R. Peter Munves. Recording information: 1962-2002. Director: Ray McKinley. Photographer: Carla Leighton. Arrangers: Claus Ogerman; George Tipton.


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Larry Richert’s Hometown Heroes 2017 - 11/04/16, via CBS Pittsburgh

Here’s a list of past recipients of Larry’s Hometown Heroes: 2013 Hometown Heroes Jamie Holmes (founder, Jamie’s Dream Team) Sergeant Patrick Manning (built Penn Hills Field of Dreams baseball field) William Neal (founder, Champions Enterprises ...

Dolores Aberdale - 10/26/16, via

Dee re-joined her loving husband of 51 years, Joseph William Aberdale, who died in January 2014 ... her youngest son Andrew Aberdale and daughter-in-law LindaLeigh Richert Aberdale, and her youngest daughter Suzanne Marie Aberdale and daughter-in-law ...

William Richert - 10/06/16, via

William Richert is a movie director, screenwriter and producer who has also acted in the movies and TV. Born in Florida in 1942, he moved to Los Angeles when he was 17 and got his start making documentaries. His first feature film as a director was the JFK ...


  1. William G. Haight - Winnipeg Lawyers | Winnipeg Attorneys William G. Haight . William (Restaurant check) G. Haight is a partner in the Winnipeg law firm of Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter. His primary areas of practice include ...
  2. Authorization | William Jessup University Aisha N. Lowe, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Infuse with of Education Coordinator of Research, School of Education Director, Office of Academic Research
  3. Cocktail FM La Tranny des Hautes Vosges Smashing Est : fin de carrière politique pour Philippe Richert - Vosges : participez à Signalement TIQUE, projet scientifique participatif - St-Dié : présentation de ...
1914 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
1914 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1914 Photograph credited to Morrison Studio, Champlain Bldg. Chicago as pictured, left to right, top to bottom * indicates photographed graduate not listed in Class of 1914 in 1921 alumni record † indicates faculty/staff Edward John Gotthelf Jr. Henry William Kleinschmit Albert Emerson Punche Richard Henry Juers PhG Otto B. Rensch Russell Dean Robinson Urban Bunyon Harris Arthur Clarence Boehmer Roscoe Conklin Eaton Harry Toler Baxter Frederick George Carls Charles Elder Lindsay Arthur Lynn Bryan Johnston Charles Jackman Reuben J. Harrington William Samuel Howard Ralph Chapel Hartman Kenneth Lawrence Johnston Ferdinand Demander Whitby AB Thomas Edward Conley John Albert Van Kirk William Henry Miner Rollin David Thompson Elmer Merrill Thomas Leon S. Seidler Victor V. Kellner Harry Lewin (formerly Harry Lewinsky) Claude E. Wiseman Wilmot Paul Miller Arthur John Langan William E. Carnahan William Augustus Ribbeck MD † Stella May...
Photo by UIC Digital Collections on Flickr
The 20-Minute Challenge - Registered Runners
The 20-Minute Challenge - Registered Runners
. On July 18, 2012, the Running Room stores will be having a 20-minute challenge. Across Canada and in some American states, the Running Room stores will be inviting all runners and walkers to come out for a "group" practice run. All registered participants will receive a free 'technical" running cap. Last year, the cap was orange (pictured above), while this year the cap will be blue. You can register for the 20 Minute Challenge online,'s free ! Here is the web page with the updated list of the thousands of registered runners, for all store locations. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Listed below are the Ottawa-area runners and walkers who were registered on or before July 17, month before the event. The names of the almost 600 local runners are sorted by community, and first name. OTTAWA RESIDENTS Adrian Jones Alain Desgranges Alexandra Anderson Ali Pasternak Alice Kwong Amanda Morrill Amanda Wannamaker Andrea Cooper Andrea...
Photo by ianhun2009 on Flickr
MAA: The Musical!
MAA: The Musical!
Cast List: Alissa Crans, Annalisa Crannell, Art Benjamin, Bud Brown (muscial director), Dan Kalman, David Bressoud, Francis Su, Frank Farris, Jennifer Beineke, Jenny Quinn, Matthew DeLong, Norm Richert, Paul Zorn, and Talithia Williams. Written and directed by Annalisa Crannell, with lyrics by cast members and by Larry Lesser. Dave Richardson was the Technical Director.
25 february 2012 names william richert william richert
25 february 2012 names william richert william richert
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William Richert movies, age, images & latest twitter comments
William Richert movies, age, images & latest twitter comments
William Richert
William Richert
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