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This recording celebrates three exciting
works commissioned and premiered by
the Detroit Symphony Orchestra during
Michael Daugherty's four years as Composerin-
Residence. Inspired by Diego Rivera's
monumental fresco and Frida Kahlo's paintings
created in Detroit, Michigan, Fire and Blood 'rivets the ear with a bold palette of
colors and the skillful elaboration of vibrant themes' (Detroit News). MotorCity
Triptych, 'striking both in its brilliance and in its technical rigor,' is a road trip
through the sounds of Detroit: the 1960s pulse of Motown, the motor rhythms of
Michigan Avenue, and the legend of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Raise the Roof,
composed for the opening of Detroit's Max M. Fisher Music Center, is a grand
acoustic construction featuring the timpani in a tour de force of urban polyrhythms.

Nicolo's New birth

by Knox Robinson Publishing
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May, 1555 - Smart, talented, and handsome, young Nicolo Di Cottano is a respected church composer and assistant music director at the humble Saint Matthias Cathedral and Academy in Genoa, Italy. On the other hand, he's also temperamental, agnostic, half Jewish, and a bit free with his love - traits not normally associated with success in this exalted realm.

Now he has fallen in love with Michela, the beautiful and caring older sister of one of his choirboys. At the same time, he has come to believe that one of the priests is taking unspeakable liberties with an Academy student. Suspects abound. Could it be Father Paulo, the cranky and enigmatic Academy Director who has shown unusual interest in two of the boys, or perhaps Father Pietro, the overbearing senior priest with whom Nicolo has shared years of hostility and distrust? What about Nicolo's friend, Father Raimondo, an Academy instructor whose behavior has been most peculiar as of late? Nicolo can't even be sure if his lifelong protector and ally, Bishop Caravaggio, will be friend or foe in the matter. Complicating matters even more, Nicolo has been warned by a thuggish, red-haired stranger to keep to his own affairs, or else!

An unlikely hero, Nicolo's toughest challenge will be to muster up enough wit and courage to pierce the ongoing conspiracy of secrecy that has haunted Saint Matthias for so long and, if he survives, to fend off inevitable retribution from the vindictive new Pope, persecution from the despicable Bishop sent as Nicolo's inquisitor, and senseless revenge at the cruel hand of Il Rossone, the new self-appointed Don of Saint Matthias Square. And what of Michela - can a young couple's love survive such tribulation?

Michael Daugherty: Fire and Blood, MotorCity Triptych, Put up the Roof

Michael Daugherty: Fire and Blood, MotorCity Triptych, Put up the Roof

by xos Records (Miscellaneous)

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DC Theatre Scene

Droll Michael Harris plays Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof 12/06/17, via DC Theatre Scene

Michael Harris remembers warmly the first time he watched the 1971 film of Fiddler on the Roof and seeing that “big happy guy going nuts.” That, of course, was Topol as Tevye, the badly off milkman whose love, pride and faith helped him face the oppression

Michael Roof in Adelphia Cable HD - HDTV Boxing Commercial 2004

Michael Roof actor from xXx 2002 and Rob Cohen director from The Fast and the Furious 2001 Adelphia.


Self Storage

Self Storage

Published by Ballantine Books 2008

ISBN 0345504461,9780345504463
304 pages

Flan Parker has always had an inquisitive mind, searching for what’s hidden below the surface and behind the door. Her curious nature and enthusiastic probing have translated into a thriving resale business in the university housing complex where she lives with her husband and two young children. Flan’s venture helps pay the bills while her husband works on his dissertation, work that lately seems to involve more loafing on the sofa watching soap operas than reading or writing. The secret of her enterprising success: unique and everyday treasures bought from the auctions of forgotten and abandoned storage units. When Flan secures the winning bid on a box filled only with an address and a note bearing the word “yes,” she sets out to discover the source of this mysterious message and its...
Michael Daugherty: Elate scrape together the Roof by Michael Haithcock


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3 Dividend Stocks To Buy - And 2 To Sell Now - 02/06/17, via Forbes

We all know financial stocks have gone through the roof since President Trump’s win. So the question becomes: what do we do with these companies now? There’s no one answer for every financial stock, of course. Some are still great, undervalued buys ...

Patricia Roof - 02/06/17, via The Daily Journal

Bill Roof, of Manteno, and Michael (Jaclyn) Roof, of Bradley; one daughter and two sons-in-law, Deborah (Greg) Gladu, of Beaverville, and Bruce Hubert, of Kankakee. Also surviving are 18 grandchildren; and 19 great-grandchildren. In addition to her husband ...

Celebrity week in photos: Lady Gaga soars off roof for epic Super Bowl halftime show - 02/06/17, via

Then the superstar leapt off the roof and into the rest of her epic performance which ... The event, which took place at Club Nomadic in Houston, Texas, also saw guests like CeeLo Green, Michael Strahan and John Legend (who was featured in the brand's ...


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  3. Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are cellblock neighbors in ... Charleston County's euphoric-profile murder suspects Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are now cellblock neighbors.
Golden domes of St. Michael's Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine
Golden domes of St. Michael's Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine
Photo by Elena Penkova on Flickr
Gimmie Shelter...
Gimmie Shelter...
Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay, Singapore The new architecture around the Bay in downtown Singapore has become world famous. I think just everybody knows the new architectural icon of Singapore: "Marina Bay Sands Sky Park". You can find tons of pictures about stunning high-rise ensemble here on Flickr (as well as in my photo stream). The "Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay" just are lying opposite and there are good reasons to know them too. The buildings contain a huge concert hall and a theatre and are the centre for the performing arts in Singapore. Their name comes from the Esplanade, a park at the mound of the Singapore River. The outdoor open space offers a breathtaking view over the new Marina Bay. But the most capturing detail of the building is of course its aluminium facade made to protect the glass bodies from the sun. It is said that the design is inspired by the tropical fruit Durian and the locals just call the building "the durians"....
Photo by Novowyr (Slow) on Flickr
Little Church In The Meadow
Little Church In The Meadow
Another iconic location in Yosemite National Park. I was a co-leader for a workshop led by Michael Mariant entitled "Big Waterfall Weekend" at High Sierra Workshops: In the background is upper Yosemite Falls.
Photo by howardignatius on Flickr
Michael Roof - Sitcoms Online Photo Galleries
Michael Roof - Sitcoms Online Photo Galleries
Michael Roof - Actor - CinemaRx
Michael Roof - Actor - CinemaRx
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Michael Roof
Michael Roof
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  • Michael_Vasanth #Lady Gaga jumping off the Super Bowl roof is America's new favorite meme
  • Michael_Edits I liked a @YouTube video from @sawfrvme SOUTH CAROLINA MAN GETS THE DEATH SENTENCE (Dylan Roof Trial)
  • Michael_C17 those saying "I expected WAY more out of Gaga" she jumped off the roof, sang live, and danced her ASS off let's see u do it and compare?

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