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Cumann na mBan, a women’s support group to the Irish Volunteers, was founded in 1914. Nationalist in outlook, its aims centred on arming Irish men, generating propaganda and presenting a united Irish opposition to English rule. After participation in the 1916 Rising, members played crucial roles in intelligence work, transporting arms, nursing wounded men, providing safe houses and supporting IRA men in prison. They also boosted attendances at republican election rallies, funerals and protest marches. In 1922 the leadership overwhelmingly rejected the Treaty, causing a split and the formation of Cumann na Saoirse (Free State Cumann na mBan). The Free State government’s awareness of Cumann na mBan’s assistance to the IRA resulted in large-scale imprisonment of republican women during the Civil War. But, for a time at least, Cumann na mBan had placed equality for women on the political agenda and demonstrated that women could be as politically active and capable as men.

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Chapters: Miha Remec, John Thompson, Michael Keating, Lefty Driesell, Eoin Kelly, Denis O'Brien, Charlie McCarthy, Alex Shane, Gerry DiNardo, Linda Eder, Dean Dillon, Irinel Popescu, Homer Hickam, Maja Trochimczyk, Bhuma Nagi Reddy, Alphonse Malangone, Gianmaria Bruni, Jorge de Castro Font, Harry Sinden, Jack Gibbons, David Pack, Margaret Urlich, Roderick "Rod" Kedward, Digger Phelps, Steve Lappas, Jamesie O'Connor, Marsha Mason, Brian Murphy, Jerry Beck, Mark Allen, Diane McBain, Joe Cooney, Neil Gillman, Harold Chapman, Tom Keifer, Ger Power, Kevin Windham, Ganna Smirnova, Aleksander Kolkowski, Peter Lawlor, Stefan Schaefer, Fyfe Dangerfield, James Prior, Baron Prior, Babar Awan, Charles Ginnever, Mike German, Baron German, Herman Branover, Aoi Miyazaki, Robert Hecht Jr., Antonio Freeman, Robert Chung, Jamal Mashburn, Nicole Miller, Caroline Leaf, Harel Moyal, Joseph D. Kucan, Ralph Emery, Ron Pelosi, Michael Brook, Soprano, Stephen W. Worth, Ha Yu, Lizzie West, Chris Roebuck, Dante Amaral, Jack Bowman, Kieran McGeeney, Nana Visitor, Felice Herrig, Franc Rode, Shirley Clamp, Jerry O'Connor, Garrett Hedlund, Gary H. Kitmacher, Richard Fleeshman, Evagoras Karageorgis, John Miles, Mike Frank Russell, Rui da Silva, Mike Connell, Mark "Slick" Johnson, Kristina Laum, Beth Kephart, Art Hindle, Christian Hayes, DJ Rap, Bruce Chilton, Leanne Dobinson, David Rosand, Martin Shaw, Adeline Yen Mah, Clarence Bradford, Andrew Luke, Javid Iqbal, Burkhard Dallwitz, Quran Pender, Derek Kok, Katharine Weber, James Wilhoit, Roberto Clemente, Jr., Gregory Gibson, Michael Bond, Eoin Murphy, Dennis Alexio, Peter Quilter, Jan-Erik Lane, Linda Lee Cadwell, Chris Cohen, John David Kennedy, Donna De Lory, Patrick J. Hayes, Nat Reeves, Victoria Matlock, Elayne Boosler, Nicky Gumbel, April Bowlby, Sal Torres, Anatoly Solovyev, Laura Zapata, Bedri Baykam, Nancy Honeytree, Frank Norberg, Bill Payne, Niall Patterson, Craig Doyle, Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, The Brothers Chaps, Robert...

Celtic Tenors - Feels Like Proficient in (Music CD)

Celtic Tenors - Feels Like Proficient in (Music CD)

by Unknown (Rock & Roll Music)

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Southern Star Newspaper

Past due Daly goal seals Colum's win 10/11/17, via Southern Star Newspaper

After Shane McCarthy and Tim O'Sullivan nudged Colum's two points at the, Eoin O'Connell replied for Skibb to level the game, and after he converted a free to edge his team in front, Tim O'Sullivan converted a not far from-range free to tie the scores at the

This Is Ireland's 'Other' Littoral 10/04/17, via

Ireland's east seashore is rarely talked about. It certainly can't be compared to the western side of Ireland, but with a good knowledge of local winds and tides, waves can finally be found along the coastline around Dublin. Eoin McCarthy Deering and I

Eoin McCarthy v Micky O Grady - Siam Warriors Superfights: Ireland v Japan

Eoin McCarthy (Siam Warriors) v Micky O Grady (Carrigaline) - Filled Thai Rules - 67kg - 5 x 3min Irish ISKA MuayThai Welterweight Title Siam Warriors .


"Aspects of Truly"


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Pupils get their teeth into fizzy pub-crawl toast studies

Deprecating evidence was outlined yesterday by two schools, one from Cork and another from Kerry, whose students presented research at the RDS Science Fair at Mary Unblemished College, Limerick. Sixty primary schools, mostly from Munster, have stands at the three-day event which concludes today. Two projects homed in on fizzy drinks as a aim for investigation: Fourth-class pupils at Gaelscoil Lios Tuathail in Listowel sought to find how much sugar they might consume in fizzy drinks. And an Inculcate Together fifth class from Midleton worked to discover how fizzy drinks affect teeth. Caroline Nic Eoin, who teaches at the Listowel seminary, said: “For the research, they measured the sugar levels and checked if Coke Zero did, in fact, have no sugar, and compared it to regular Coke. They put quantities into a pot and boiled it. They found that Coke Zero had no sugar. But after boiling uninterrupted Coke they found it left a horrible brown sugar residue in the bottom of the pot. Leah Murphy, 10, said: “When I saw what was left in the pot after the Coke I regard how disgusting to have this in my body and how unhealthy it must be. I haven’t drunk Coke regular since. The 26 boys and girls from Midleton brought pathology into their analysis by acquiring six teeth from a “dental source”. Teacher Caroline McCarthy said: “The investigation the class carried out wanted to find out the effects six bizarre fizzy drink brands had on teeth. To do this they immersed six teeth into the different brands of fizzy drink for two weeks. Aoibhe Geraghty, 11, from Ballinacurra said: “We found that Coke had the worst influence as it turned the tooth immersed in it black over the two weeks. We found Lucozade had the most sugar and Lilt came out best with the least sugar. I will only have one Coke from now on, for uncommon occasions. Our Lady Queen of Peace School in Janesboro, Limerick, used its new link with the nearby Mid-West School for Hearing Impaired Children to on out if sign language improves spelling. Fifth-class students at Our Lady Queen of Peace now spend one hour a week scholarship sign language. Teacher Vera Knowles said that over a six-day period five words were selected each day as part of the spelling reproof. Some learned to spell the usual way and others learned the words in sign language form. Vera said: “The children who well-trained their spellings using the mixed method sign language did better because with the movement of their fingers they were learning the spelling of the words in a physical way. Jamie-Lee Cosgrave, 10, found a new room-mate since she began to learn sign language: “A man comes into my Nana’s shop, Cosgraves in Weston, and he uses sign language. “But as I au fait sign language I asked him his name and he asked me mine. James Malone, who teaches in the school, said they did their Christmas leeway in sign language and presented it at the school for children with hearing impairment. “Some of the children with hearing impairment live in this area and now since we started principal sign language it has opened doors and the children can develop new friendships, being able to communicate. Pupils from Gaelscoil Ui DRisceoil in Glanmire generated tension using rainwater collected from the roof of the school. Ciaran O Conghaile, who teaches fourth class, said the electricity harvested based on 2016's unmitigated rainfall amounted to 7. 4 watts, which would be sufficient to light a dim energy saving light bulb for an entire year. The school construction, formerly the Ibis Hotel in Glanmire, was ideally suited to the science investigation given it's considerable overall roof area.

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Celtic Tenors - Feels Like Competent in CD


Trace Listing: Going Home; Red



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Eoin McCarthy of Lump Accelerator
Photo by met-net on Flickr
2nd Duo Sat 10th Nov
2nd Duo Sat 10th Nov
Deficiency Captain Tony Long(9), Yannick André(15) (with Eoin Teehan(17) & Denis Allen(9) not pictured) 80pts 2nd in the Centenary 4 Living soul Team Event 10th Nov, being presented by Captain Barry McCarthy & President Ted Curtin. Also included is Yannick's Daughter Camille.
Photo by Kinsale Golf Club on Flickr
Eoin McCarthy carving in backlit conditions.
Photo by webmarcos on Flickr
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  • McManus_RG Conor McCarthy aim. Rout. Probably man of match too. Eoin Donnelly well rested for Fermanagh, black carded after 5 minutes #SigersonCup
  • eoin_curry RT @Sporf: Joyful 58th Birthday Mick McCarthy! The gift that keeps on giving!...
  • sis_insights @BoroLee86 Eamon Dunphy and Jack Charlton, Mick McCarthy & Eoin Boost. Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Of course... Aitor Karanka.

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  • Polynesian Sausage Supper Ingredients:beef broth, brown sugar, rice, cornstarch, garlic powder, green pepper, onions, black pepper, smoked sausage

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