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Doctor Who: Souvenir of the Daleks (Story 152) - Special Edition

by BBC Home Entertainment
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<p>Doctor Who Remembrance of the Daleks SE (DVD)</p><p>London 1963. The first Doctor is forced to leave Earth, after teachers from his granddaughter's school discover the TARDIS disguised as a police box sitting in a junkyard… London 1963: The seventh Doctor returns with new companion Ace in tow and with unfinished business. Not for the first time, unusual events are unfolding at Coal Hill School and at Totters Lane junkyard. The Doctor discovers that his oldest foes - the Daleks - are on the trail of hidden Time Lord technology. Technology that he himslef left on Earth all those years ago. The Daleks are planning to perfect their own time travel capability, in order to unleash themselves across all of time and space. Can the Doctor - with the help of the local military - stop the Daleks stealing the Gallifreyan secrets? Or are things much more complicated? Two opposing Dalek factions meet in an explosive confrontation with the fate of the entire universe at stake.</p>

"Remembrance of the Daleks," the final Doctor Who story to feature the titular mutant cyborgs, is a particularly notable adventure for the way it ties the plot into the very first story, "An Unearthly Child," made 25 years before. It is 1963, and the seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, arrives in London with new companion Ace (Sophie Aldred), where two Dalek factions are engaged in a deadly search for the Hand of Omega. Ace quickly proves herself adept with high explosives, and while there are references to the history of the show, including some nice in-jokes, the drama is played much straighter than in McCoy's first season as the time traveler. This is Doctor Who with a decent budget; the period setting is surprisingly lavish and there are some fairly intense action sequences. The Daleks remain as menacing as ever, the plotting has an intriguing air of mystery, and McCoy injects some steel into his characterization. Aldred serves an ace as a heroine with attitude (very much post-Sarah Connor from The Terminator), and if this really does prove to be the Daleks' swan song, at least they go out with a bang. --Gary S. Dalkin

Doctor Who: Survival (Thriller 159)

by BBC Home Entertainment
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<p>Doctor Who: Survival (Episode 159) (Dbl DVD)</p><p>The Doctor takes Ace back to her hometown of Perivale, only to find that something is very, very wrong. Many of Ace's old friends and neighbors have disappeared while domestic pets become victims of unseen killers. Will the hunter become the hunted when only the fittest survive? (Episodes 1-3, 72 mins)</p>

The final serial in Doctor Who's original run on the BBC (before it was revived in 2005), this three-episode story stars Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, who brings his companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) back to Earth, only to discover that a race of feline aliens have turned the planet into their private hunting ground. The aliens, called Cheetah People, are traveling between their dying planet and Earth to kidnap humans for food--and lurking behind the whole scheme is none other than the Doctor's arch enemy, the Master (Anthony Ainsley in his final TV performance as the character). Despite the relative lack of quality of its video cinematography, Survival is a sold serial from the McCoy era, with some genuine suspense and an affectionate (if temporary) send-off for the venerable sci-fi hero.

The two-disc set of Survival is typical of the impressive presentations that the Doctor's adventures have received on DVD. Two commentary tracks have been recorded--one featuring McCoy, Aldred, and script editor Andrew Cartmel, and the other by the winners of a contest sponsored by Doctor Who magazine (this appears only for episode 3). The hour-long, two-part Cat Flap (one of the original titles for the serial) covers the making of the serial from start to finish, and Endgame is an intriguing look at how the program might've continued after Survival had it not been cancelled in 1989. Little Girl Lost is a 15-minute exploration of Ace's character from her debut story until Survival, and Destiny of the Doctors features footage of Ainley as the Master taken from the 1997 computer game of the same name. The extras are rounded out by several deleted and extended scenes, a round of outtakes, the standard photo gallery, text-only commentary track, Radio Times listings (in DVD-ROM format), and a 20-minute episode of a U.K. educational program called Search Out Science, which features McCoy and Aldred as their characters in a discussion of (what else?) time and space. --Paul Gaita

Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor Ceramic 3D Mug Sylvester Mccoy

Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor Ceramic 3D Mug Sylvester Mccoy

by Underground Toys (Miscellaneous)

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Ex-Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy reveals what he loves about Newcastle as he appears at Hilarious Con 05/22/17, via ChronicleLive

. The actor was one of the film over and TV stars attending this years Film and Comic Con at the Metro Radio Arena. Share; Comments. ByHannah Graham. 10:29 

Lincolnshire Echo

Humorous Con to return to Skegness - and you could meet Rimmer from Red Dwarf 05/20/17, via Lincolnshire Echo

The things turned out will see the likes of Chris Barrie best known for his role as Arnold J Rimmer in the cult classic and popular TV show Red Dwarf, Sylvester McCoy vanquish known for his roles as the Doctor from Doctor Who and Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit, and 

Sylvester McCoy Interview - Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi & The Hobbit 3

Sylvester McCoy chats about returning for The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, working with Paul McGann, John Barrowman, . (dba Shopping)
Chicks Unravel Without surcease


The sister reserve to the 2011 Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords In Chicks Unravel Time, editors Deborah Stanish (Whedonistas) and L.M. Myles convince together a host of award-winning female writers, media professionals, scientists and more to examine each season of new and classicDoctor Who from their corresponding exactly perspectives. Diana Gabaldon discusses how Jamie McCrimmon inspired her best-selling Outlander series, and Barbara Hambly (the Benjamin January Mysteries, Pre-eminent Wars: Children of the Jedi) examines the delicate balance of rebooting a series. Seanan McGuire (the Toby Daye series, Mark-down Armageddon) reveals the power and pain of waiting in Series Five, and Una McCormack (The King's Dragon) defends her claim that Sylvester McCoy's immutable year of Doctor Who is the show's best season ever. Other contributors include Juliet E. McKenna (Einarrin series), Tansy Rayner Roberts (Power and Majesty), Sarah Lotz (The Mall, Manifest A), Martha Wells (The Cloud Roads), Joan Frances Turner (Dust), Rachel Swirsky (Fields of Gold), Aliette de Bodard (Obsidian and Blood series) and Amal El-Mohtar (The Honey Month).


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Doctor Who: How did Nardole get his head back? Not even Matt Lucas is sure… - 12/15/16, via Digital Spy

"Peter Capaldi, I always tell him he's my joint-sixth favourite Doctor," he teased. "[He's tied] with Sylvester McCoy. Who's number one? It'd have to be Tom Baker, of course. He did the narration in Little Britain. Number two would be Patrick Troughton.

Reviewed: Doctor Who – Fiesta of the Damned - 12/15/16, via

As usual Sylvester McCoy gives his all as the Doctor but is used more as a plot device to move events forward, rather then being completely integral to the story, This is an interesting step into history from Big Finish but not perhaps a must listen.

The 31 best free films on TV this Christmas - 12/15/16, via Radio Times

But it’s worth sticking around for film two because you’ll be treated to a) Martin Freeman’s performance as Bilbo Baggins, b) Gollum’s first confrontation with Bilbo, and c) Sylvester McCoy’s first appearance as bird poo-spattered wizard Radagast.


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Doctor Who and The Thirteen Doctors
Doctor Who and The Thirteen Doctors
As the Meta-Crisis Doctor aged, he grew increasingly bitter of his half human physiology and the inability to regenerate. After years of planning, he locates each incarnation of the Doctor and plucks them out of the Time Vortex, locking them in stasis so he can consume their regenerative energy. Knowing the Doctor would've only had one more regeneration left after he was created, he only searched for the 11 Doctors and the War Doctor...little did he know, the Timelords had granted the Doctor a new regeneration cycle and the Twelfth Doctor had already located his underground base and was just about to foil his evil plan...
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Sylvester Mccoy
Sylvester Mccoy
Acteur: Docteur Who, The Hobbit
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Ghosts of the Past...and Future
Ghosts of the Past...and Future
I can travel through all of time and space, see everything that ever happened or ever will... but I can never escape myself...
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Sylvester McCoy Picture 2 - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ...
Sylvester McCoy Picture 2 - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ...
Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989)
Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989)
Sylvester McCoy
Sylvester McCoy
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