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It's Flamin Groovy

by Imports
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Henry IV (The English Monarchs Series)

by Yale University Press
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Henry IV (1399–1413), the son of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, seized the English throne at the age of thirty-two from his cousin Richard II and held it until his death, aged forty-five, when he was succeeded by his son, Henry V. This comprehensive and nuanced biography restores to his rightful place a king often overlooked in favor of his illustrious progeny.
Henry faced the usual problems of usurpers: foreign wars, rebellions, and plots, as well as the ambitions and demands of the Lancastrian retainers who had helped him win the throne. By 1406 his rule was broadly established, and although he became ill shortly after this and never fully recovered, he retained ultimate power until his death. Using a wide variety of previously untapped archival materials, Chris Given-Wilson reveals a cultured, extravagant, and skeptical monarch who crushed opposition ruthlessly but never quite succeeded in satisfying the expectations of his own supporters.

Beetle out Blues: Saturday Suffering Fools - CD

Beetle out Blues: Saturday Suffering Fools - CD

by Alliance Import (Miscellaneous)

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B-52s' Cindy Wilson, Chris Shiflett Talk June Carter Currency - Rolling ... 11/27/17, via

Cindy Wilson of the B-52s is the boarder on the latest 'Walking the Floor' podcast, hosted by Chris Shiflett.

Chris Wilson, The Sky Is Crying

Chris Wilson's version of The Sky is Crying from his "Live at the Continental" album. au Photography by Chris Franklin, go to.


Everyday America

Everyday America

Published by Univ of California Press 2016

ISBN 0520229614,9780520229617
385 pages

A collection of seventeen essays examining the field of American cultural landscapes past and present. The role of J. B. Jackson and his influence on the field is a explored in many of them.

INTERVIEW: Director Jared Hess Talks To Me About The Hilarious True Story Behind ‘Masterminds’

Special thanks to Relativity Studios, I had the opportunity to interview #Masterminds director, Jared Hess, whom I've interviewed before, last year, for "Don Verdean. Hess of course also directed "Napoleon Dynamite," "Nacho Libre," "Gentlemen Broncos" just pretty much movies that have cracked me up over the years. "Masterminds," which opens September 30 is based on the true story of one of the biggest bank heists in American history. Starring some of the funniest people in today's business, Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and it's produced by "Saturday Night Live" creator, Lorne Michaels. Below is my entire new interview with Jared Hess. Rama's Screen: The last time we spoke on the phone, it was about "Don Verdean," and I asked you about the status of "Masterminds," because it got pushed back due to Relativity's situation at the time. So how does it feel now that the movie's finally going to come out. Jared Hess: "Zach plays David Ghantt and a lot of different people were involved in the heist but we decided to tell the story from David Ghantt’s perspective. We reached out to him before we began production and we were very lucky to have him, and he was on set with us the whole time that we were shooting. Zach and I had lunch with him well before we started shooting, we just wanted to get to know the guy and the story we were about to tell. And he was such an innocent good sweet person, Zach and I just fell in love with him. We wanted to be able to feel that empathy for him as we shot the film. There’s so many absurd things that happened that are just right for comedy. And David Gant was like, ‘Yeah, I can see how a lot of people think it was funny. ’ He has a great sense of humor about everything that happened, it was probably really stressful while it was happening. Jared Hess: "The decision that was made, ya know they pulled off the largest cash heist in U. S. history but then it just all fell apart because they were making such ridiculous decisions. After they stole the money, they’re were like, ‘Ok, we’re not going to spend any money or do anything for nine months, and then it would become a cold case with the FBI and then we could figure out what to do after that. They immediately bought a mansion, bought tanning beds, made all kinds of lavish eccentric purchases, so all of that is just so funny. And then him leaving one of the security tapes, he stole all the money and there were a lot things that were just very very funny, even they laugh at themselves. A true story that's equally funny as the film itself, that's awesome. Speaking of funny, this isn't your first round directing a bunch of great comedians in one project. But this is just one helluvan ensemble, with Zach, Leslie, Kate, Kristen, Jason, Owen, what was that like on the set. Jared Hess: "Lorne Michaels is a producer of the film and he said, ‘Ya know, you’re not going to have a problem with anyone being funny. ’ And it was totally true, they all were just such top level comedians, every single one of them, everybody was just so nice and just so sweet and so funny and they were such a rich ensemble of characters that they got to play, they were excited...

Source: Rama's Screen
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Renzie the Pair Wilson - Crazy Love CD (Feat. Chris Haze; CDR)


Act. Chris Haze; CDR - Track Listing: Crazy Love;



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