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Brahms: The Hungarian Link

by Mercury Classics
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We are very excited to announce Andreas Ottensamer s brand new album from Mercury Classics, Brahms: The Hungarian Connection, in which Ottensamer the brilliant young Austrian clarinettist (Classic FM) explores the connections Brahms had to Hungarian folk music traditions.

The album includes Brahms Clarinet Quintet, one of the most seminal works for the instrument combined with Hungarian dances and waltzes by Brahms, all newly arranged to include additional material from Brahms' original musical sources, with an authentic folk twist.

Brahms is seen as one of the most serious composers of the German school this bold venture reveals how closely connected his music actually is to the vibrant folk music inspired Hungarian music world.

Andreas Ottensamer, himself half-Hungarian, naturally recognizes Brahms Clarinet Quintet as genuinely one of the monuments of the entire clarinet repertoire, a piece that every clarinettist dreams of playing .

The stunning ensemble of musicians includes violinist Leonidas Kavakos, Antoine Tamestit (viola), Christoph and Stephan Koncz (violin, cello), Ödon Rácz (double bass), Predrag Tomic (accordion) and cimbalom virtuoso Oskar Ökrös.

Red Violin [Widescreen] (utilized)

Red Violin [Widescreen] (utilized)

by (International & Arts Movies)

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Bangor Ordinary News 05/18/17, via Bangor Daily News

Chruch's able life has taken him to three continents, where he has worked with conductors Michael Schønwandt, Ken-David Masur, Christoph Koncz, Yaniv Dinur. He has also played with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, Plymouth Philharmonic 

Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Gleich sieben auf einen wunderbaren Streich 05/28/17, via Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Für Matthias Honeck, den Neffen des Primgeigers der Wiener Philharmoniker und Sohn des Dirigenten Manfred Honeck, wurde mit dem aus Konstanz stammenden Christoph Koncz aber ein mehr als nur würdiger Einspringer gefunden 

The Red Violin Caprices By Christoph Koncz

Jahn Corigliano : The Red Violin Caprices Violin : Christoph Koncz 2013Tsurumi arts center Salvia hall.


The New York Times Film Reviews 1999-2000

The New York Times Film Reviews 1999-2000

Published by Taylor & Francis 2001

ISBN 0415936969,9780415936965
700 pages

From the Oscar-winning blockbustersAmerican BeautyandShakespeare in Loveto Sundance oddities likeAmerican MovieandThe Tao of Steve, to foreign films such asAll About My Mother, the latest volume in this popular series features a chronological collection of facsimiles of every film review and awards article published inThe New York Timesbetween January 1999 and December 2000. Includes a full index of personal names, titles, and corporate names. This collection is an invaluable resource for all libraries. (dba Shopping)
Red Violin


THE RED VIOLIN follows the untypical journey of an original and unique violin as it survives three centuries, ultimately turning up at a present-day auction in Montreal. The violin transforms all those who undertake it into a Svengali, from traveling Gypsies to a famous concert violinist in England. The mysterious object also narrowly avoids confiscation in Communist China, and seems to always affected by the different lives of those it touches. In the present day it becomes the subject of fascination for a violin historian, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who discovers that he has stumbled upon the much sought after Red Violin, primary him to consider a deception of his own kind as the film nears its climax.


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Haydn, Beethoven with Koncz, two Strauss and Vaughan Williams from Winston-Salem - 09/18/16, via

Christoph Koncz, violin, and the Winston-Salem Symphony conducted by Robert Moody play: HAYDN: Symphony No. 69 in C. BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D. R. STRAUSS: Der Rosenkavalier Suite. J.STRAUSS: Radetzky March. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Overture to the Wasps.

Concert review: A ‘beautifully focused’ Fifth by the Portland Symphony Orchestra - 05/02/16, via Portland Press Herald

35), a work composed for Jascha Heifetz in 1945, and given a lustrous, warm-toned reading here by Christoph Koncz, a 29-year-old member of the Vienna Philharmonic who is also pursuing a career as a soloist and conductor. Korngold remains best known for the ...

PSO, Decompression concerts focus on Beethoven this weekend in Portland - 04/26/16, via Maine Today

The music guest is Christoph Koncz, second violin of the Vienna Philharmonic. In 1997, as a 10-year-old, Koncz played a leading role in the movie “The Red Violin,” which won an Academy Award for best score. In the movie, he plays a young orphan who ...


  1. Yeree Suh - Effectively | Facebook Yeree Suh, Rainer Honeck, Konzertmeister et les musiciens du Wiener Solisten Septett : Christoph Koncz, Tobias Lea, Robert Bauerstatter, Peter Somodari, Raphael ...
  2. Über uns | Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker Die 12 Cellisten der Berliner Philharmoniker. Sie sind einmalig. Jedes Symphonie-Orchester hat zwar seine Cellogruppe, aber daß sich die tiefen, großen Streicher ...
  3. Christoph Koncz (@ChristophKoncz) | Bustle The latest Tweets from Christoph Koncz (@ChristophKoncz): "#violinmania About to go on Thespianism conducting three violin concertos with my wonderful colleagues of the ...
Photo by VIPevent on Flickr
Photo by VIPevent on Flickr
Photo by VIPevent on Flickr
Picture for Christoph Koncz. Filmography. The Red Violin (1998) ~ Boy ...
Picture for Christoph Koncz. Filmography. The Red Violin (1998) ~ Boy ...
Christoph Koncz - Filmweb
Christoph Koncz - Filmweb
Christoph Koncz
Christoph Koncz

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