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Mike's Destroy

by Warner Bros.
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His name was Mike. That's all Betty really knew about him. But now some dangerous people know too much about her. The next stop for the killers who carried out Mike's Murder may be Betty's house.

Following their Urban Cowboy teamwork, writer/director "Jim Bridges draws a dynamic performance from Debra Winger" (Guy Flatley, Cosmopolitan) as Betty in this chilling mystery. Innocently in love with wayward Mike (Mark Keyloun), she doesn't attach any significance to his dropping out of her life for months, then suddenly returning. She should. Mike moves in a shadowy world of drugs and violence - one soon to have frightening repercussions for Betty. Winger's flawless work has the impact of real life. So does Bridges' use of setting. He captures Los Angeles' moods as few filmmakers have. In this powerful movie, both the people and the place give killer performances.

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1983 Prod Photo Mark Keyloun in Mike's Murder - orp00532

by Vintage Photos
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  • Shipped with thick cardboard in a large plastic envelope to protect from moisture, with Do Not Bend stamped in large letters.
  • Original press photo available for purchase for the first time after decades of storage in a newspaper office.
  • Watermark not on actual photo.

Product description

This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9.5 x 8inches. Photo is dated --1983.

Mike's Uxoricide (Mod) from Warner Bros.

Mike's Uxoricide (Mod) from Warner Bros.

by Warner Brothers (Drama Movies)

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Trail-blazer Theatre Company Presents THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME 08/30/17, via Broadway World

The Forerunner Theatre Company production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time will begin performances on September 15, 2017 and continue through September 30, 2017. The Tony Bestowal-winning play by Simon Stephens is adapted from Mark Haddon

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Gimme an "F" (1984) Greatly Movie

1984 cult dim "Gimme an F" Directed By: Paul Justman Starring: Stephen Shellen, Mark Keyloun, Jennifer Cooke, Lisa Wilcox, etc. Distributed By: 20th Century.


The Films of James Bridges

The Films of James Bridges

Published by McFarland 2011

ISBN 9780786485994,078648599X
212 pages

"This subject-matter tells the story of the life and career of James Bridges, utilizing new interviews with friends and collaborators; it also offers a detailed critique of each of Bridges' eight feature films, including his lesser-known cult classics, September 30, 1955, and Mike's Rub out. This overdue examination shines a light on a career well worth remembering"--Provided by publisher.

Asolo Rep's Josephine - Sarasota

The memoirs of African-American singer-dancer-actress Josephine Baker, born in poverty in St. Louis but ascending to stardom in the Paris of the 1920s, is certainly nice fodder for a musical. There have, in fact, been other attempts prior to the world premiere of Josephine now onstage at Asolo Rep. In the case of this new work, with a engage by Ellen Weston and Mark Hampton, music by Stephen Dorff and lyrics by John Bettis, the intent is to focus on a specific duration of time in Baker’s long life, mostly the years 1939 to 1945, at Paris’ Folies... So we don’t see much of Josephine’s early struggles, except when the grown Josephine (Deborah Cox) interacts bluntly with her younger self (Tori Bates). The past is a time that Josephine would rather forget—or certainly embroider lavishly—to put aside the drag that came before her success as an entertainer in France. This Josephine is a decidedly old-fashioned musical in its approach to her story, and one slanted more towards comedy than adversity, although Baker must have had plenty of the latter. Instead, we see Josephine addressing her loving audiences, having a fling with Prince Gustav of Sweden (Mark Campbell), who’s married and can not at any time give her what she really wants, and taking for granted her bandleader, Jo Bouillon (Kevin Earley),... It’s a pretty superficial interpretation of Josephine. even though Cox does Baker’s distinguished banana dance with gusto and has plenty of appeal, we don’t really get to know or care about her character as much as we should. It might help if we saw some more of the young Josephine, whom the older lady must at first reject before she can accept. As it is, Josephine’s sudden Act II transition from a diva who likes to be lavished with jewels into a devoted heroine of the French Resisters seems unconvincing. As Josephine’s friend and mentor, Bricktop, Lynette DuPree gets to deliver some of the better numbers (her No person’s Listenin ’ is a rouser). And then there’s the gay duo of Josephine’s longtime dresser (Matthew McGee) and the prince’s man (Michael Keyloun). They’re amusing swapping complaints about their employers and edging toward a relationship, but they also serve to pull focus from the main story. As you might expect from an Asolo Rep show (especially one aiming at Broadway), the production values here are eximious. Eduardo Sicangco’s costumes, especially for Cox and her showgirls, are fantastic, and Paul Tate dePoo III’s set for the Folies as lush as you could want. Likewise, big cheese-choreographer Joey McKneely has his cast and chorus doing some outstanding work on the dance numbers. And Cox, who puts over the wistful Est-Ce Que C’est Vous. But there does want to be some work done on the play’s book, and perhaps its tone, if Josephine is really going to score. Producer Kenneth Waissman has already doting years to this project, and will no doubt be willing to devote whatever it takes to make that happen. Josephine continues through May 29. for tickets tinkle 351-8000 or go to asolorep.

CD Universe
Mike's Kill DVD (Mono; Widescreen)


Mono; Widescreen - Starring: Debra Winger; Paul W



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