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Laser Isotope Divorce in Atomic Vapor

by Wiley-VCH
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Written by leading Russian scientists, including Nobel laureate, A.M. Prokhorov (1916-2002), this first book on this important technology allows an understanding of the physics of atomic vapor laser isotope separation and new photochemical methods of laser isotope separation.
One entire chapter is devoted to chemical reactions of atoms in excited states, while further chapters deal with the separation of isotopes by one photon isotope-selective and coherent isotope-selective two photon excitation of atoms. A final chapter looks at the prospects for the industrial production of isotope products by laser isotope separation. The whole is rounded off by six appendices.

Professional Spy: Robert Hanssen Story

by 20th Century Fox
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The very subject of spying provokes a perverse response: part revulsion, part riveted fascination. So does this spellbinding docu-drama about the tortured life led and lies told by Robert Hanssen, the FBI special agent who sold secret government documents to KGB officers. Literary legend Norman Mailer wrote a highly literate script for the all-star cast (including William Hurt, Ron Silver and Peter Boyle) that brings Hanssen, his colleagues and family members convincingly to life. Shot on location in Moscow, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Washington, DC, all adding authenticity to this disturbing account. 3 hours 20 min. on 1 DVD.

Here's a different kind of spy: awkward, frosty, supremely intelligent, deeply religious. As brilliantly acted by a perfectly cast William Hurt, this is Robert Hanssen, a respected FBI man who sold information to the Soviets for 20 years. In Norman Mailer's incisive script for this TV movie, Hanssen turns to spying for his own neurotic reasons: to out-earn his domineering father, to show up the FBI bosses who continually pass him over, and maybe to dispel the boredom of the arrogant. A kinky interest in voyeurism and a platonic friendship with a stripper are also part of the mix (which brings in nudity not part of the broadcast version). The stripper is played by the touching Hilit Pace, while Mary Louise Parker is fine as Hanssen's clueless wife. Production values are TV-utilitarian, but Mailer's keen psychological probing and Hurt's unwavering chilliness make Master Spy an absorbing experience. --Robert Horton

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JFK files gala the code names of classified Soviet informants 11/28/17, via USA TODAY

Cryptogram names of Soviet informants revealed in newly released JFK assassination files for the first time.


Ivanka Trump lobbies for women at entrepreneurship acme in India 11/28/17, via WXIA-TV

During the original two years of the Nixon administration, Sullivan coordinated with national security adviser Henry Kissinger and his deputy, Alexander Haig, on a series of FBI wiretaps on the telephones of 17 control officials and journalists. The


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Gerbes, Clifford Modules and the Index Theorem - 09/12/16, via

The use of bundle gerbes and bundle gerbe modules is considered as a replacement for the usual theory of Clifford modules on manifolds that fail to be spin. It is shown that both sides of the Atiyah-Singer index formula for coupled Dirac operators can be ...

How a Czech 'super-spy' infiltrated the CIA - 06/30/16, via The Guardian

Kalugin has denied that he ever worked for the CIA ... Koecher, incarcerated with gangsters and murderers, developed a friendship with Sandy Alexander – a Hells Angel doing time for drugs. According to Alexander, one day a new cellmate inexplicably ...

Reference-wave solution for the two-frequency propagator in a statistically homogeneous random medium - 05/14/16, via

Spatial and temporal structures of ultrawide-band high-frequency fields can be appreciably affected by random changes of the medium parameters characteristic of almost all geophysical environments. The dispersive properties of random media cause ...


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Alexander Kalugin | LinkedIn
Alexander Kalugin biography, workout, age, pics & latest news
Alexander Kalugin biography, workout, age, pics & latest news
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