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The Heist

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Assassin Flood: The Day the Dam Broke

Assassin Flood: The Day the Dam Broke

by Questar Inc (Action & Adventure Movies)

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South Korea's 'Drive Driver' Named Top Pic at Asian World Film Festival 11/05/17, via Variety

The awards lip-service was hosted by actors Christopher Kriesa (“Fresh Off the Boat”) and Alexandra Kahwagi, with actress Banyah Maria Choi presenting the awards. The Snow Leopard for most successfully actor went to Aktan Arym Kubat in “Centaur”; actress, Anoma (dba Shopping)
Descending Angel


In Heading ANGEL, John Hunter (Matt Schulze) is a hired assassin living on the edge who is determined to find the people who killed his parents. His only supervise is a murder syndicate called The Guild, which he plans to infiltrate. An action-packed crime story from director Kevin Lewis, this abstention-paced film doesn't skip a beat.



  1. Película: La Legión De Los Muertos (2001) - Legion Of The ... La Legión De Los Muertos - (Legion Of The Impervious); dirigida por Olaf Ittenbach en 2001. Kimberly Liebe, Matthias Hues, Michael Carr, Russell Friedenberg, Hank Stone ...
  2. Spy Terror (2012) - IMDb Directed by Paul Irritated. With Jack Brand, Paul Cross, Christopher Kriesa, Graham Clarke. CIA agent Aaron Delgado works with a team of agents and engineers to cause ...
  3. Dard Dissolve (Video 2007) - IMDb What started with a performance divorce between Natalie Stein and her husband Tim, will soon take a turn into the unexpected and evolve into scenes of torture, bloodshed ...

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