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Elaine Stritch: Sprout Me

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A ferocious, funny, and poignant portrait of the one-of-a-kind Broadway legend still belting out Sondheim numbers at age 87, this documentary tribute showcases the brash, uncompromising Tony and Emmy winner both onstage and off. The film captures her immeasurable charm, acerbic wit, and impressive accomplishments with candid footage and interviews with friends and collaborators, including Sondheim, Tina Fey, and Nathan Lane. Sparkling with Stritch s delightful character, this film is an inspiring portrait of an American treasure.

Special Features: Making Of, Deleted Scene, Interview Outtakes, Teasers & Trailer

Elaine Stritch at Impudent

by Kultur Video
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Elaine Stritch at Liberty, the Broadway legend s one-woman show, triumphed in New York and won a 2002 Tony Award. This double-Emmy-winning recording was made when she later took London by storm. Stritch s comic timing is impeccable and her anecdotes priceless as she talks and sings her way through fifty years in American theatre. From a disastrous date with Marlon Brando to blowing her chance of starring in The Golden Girls, she is uncompromisingly honest in telling her own story and pulls no punches in recounting her struggle with drink. Sensational, poignant and incredibly funny, Stritch can still knock an audience dead. 2004 Primetime Emmy for Best Performance, 2004 Primetime Emmy for Best Show.

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What Did Elaine Stritch Recognize Faith Prince After Seeing Nick and Nora 07/17/17, via

Today is the sad anniversary of Elaine Stritch's fervour. There are so many amazing Stritch stories out there and I just heard this one from Faith Prince. Faith had a great role in the early '90s musical Nab and Nora. Even so, there were many other

W Magazine

Why Watching Barbara Cook Peep Sent Chills Down Your Spine 08/09/17, via W Magazine

Cook didn't tommy-rot a lot of people in the book, but she did have to admit that while Elaine Stritch was no shlump, the raspy voiced star could be a hot handful. At one cabaret performance, Cook was singing a smashing ballad when Stritch decided to

Elaine Stritch: At Leave

A recording of Stritch's 2001 one gal show reflecting upon her life and career.


Am I Chap-fallen?

Published by Little Brown & Company 1984

ISBN 0871314282,9780871314284
132 pages

An actress shares her lifestyle access to the problems of being diabetic and provides food and diet recommendations, as well as advice for coping with everyday living and special occasions

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Walmart US
Elaine Stritch Pump full of lead Me Movie Poster (11 x 17)
Walmart US The Poster Corp

Elaine Stritch: Snuff out Me was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 11.00 x 17.00 inches and the spitting image size is 11.00 x 17.00 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing. Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framingPrint Label: Elaine Stritch: Shoot MePaper Size: 11.00 x 17.00...

CD Universe
Elaine Stritch: Spring Me DVD


Starring: Alec Baldwin; John T



  1. Elaine Stritch on her audition for the heroine in The Golden ... The storied Tony and Emmy winner Elaine Stritch talks about her audition for the role of Dorothy in a classic hit CBS show The Golden Girls. The role, of ...
  2. Elaine Stritch - Broadway Newborn (Sondheim 75th Birthday ... Theater inscription Elaine Stritch sings one of her signature songs, Broadway Baby (from the musical Follies) for friend and composer Stephen Sondheim
  3. "I'm Still Here" - Sondheim! : The Birthday ... - YouTube Sondheim: The Birthday Concert Filmed Parade 2010 with the New York Philharmonic Avery Fisher Hall, New York City Song: "I'm Still Here" from "Follies ...
Elaine Stritch buying orgy
Elaine Stritch buying orgy
Photo by chrisfreeland2002 on Flickr
Honoring the current Elaine Stritch (1925–2014)
Honoring the current Elaine Stritch (1925–2014)
English muffins made in Chicago with the same kinsfolk recipe since 1933
Photo by rocor on Flickr
Signing a slate
Signing a slate
Elaine Stritch at Leave - a great show. With VIP tickets we got to meet the star afterwards.
Photo by abridgeover on Flickr
Elaine Stritch Spit 14 - Eighth Annual Stella by Starlight Benefit ...
Elaine Stritch Spit 14 - Eighth Annual Stella by Starlight Benefit ...
Elaine Stritch's 10 First '30 Rock' One-Liners - The Hollywood Reporter
Elaine Stritch's 10 First '30 Rock' One-Liners - The Hollywood Reporter
Actress Elaine Stritch, 'Her Own Greatest Expected,' Dies At 89 : NPR
Actress Elaine Stritch, 'Her Own Greatest Expected,' Dies At 89 : NPR
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