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The Andrew Lloyd Webber Piano Album

by Trigon
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The Romantic hits from six Broadway musical, recorded by international piano recording artist, J.J. Sheridan.

Phil Sheridan and His Army

by University of Oklahoma Press
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"Paul Hutton’s study of Phil Sheridan in the West is authoritative, readable, and an important contribution to the literature of westward expansion. Although headquartered in Chicago, Sheridan played a crucial role in the opening of the West. His command stretched from the Missouri to the Rockies and from Mexico to Canada, and all the Indian Wars of the Great Plains fell under his direction. Hutton ably narrates and interprets Sheridan’s western career from the perspective of the top command rather than the battlefield leader. His book is good history and good reading."–Robert M. Utley

Richard Sheridan - The Disciples For Scandal (Evans, Parker, Andrews)

Richard Sheridan - The Disciples For Scandal (Evans, Parker, Andrews)

by xos Audiobooks (Music, Stage & Screen Books)

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The Independent

British and Irish Lions 2017: Superfan Kyle Sinckler set to channel emotion and follow in footsteps of the greats 06/01/17, via The Independent

I like the Phil Vickery one with Andrew Sheridan before the beforehand Test.” Sinckler is 24 years old, he has not yet started a match for England and, on Saturday, he will make his British and Irish Lions premiere against the New Zealand Provincial Barbarians

The Australian

Vodafone takes ACCC to court over roaming ruling 06/02/17, via The Australian

In the interim, Optus regulatory affairs boss Andrew Sheridan criticised Vodafone's attempt to delay the regulator from finalising its inquiry. “In a week when Optus improved coverage and event in regional Australia by switching on seven new

Andrew Sheridan Tribute

YouTube : https://www. com/channel/UC7oPqr_qU1Syq1WV5ew_kpQ Facebook. (dba Shopping)
Apportionment Bell [CD]


Pink Floyd: David Gilmour (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, programming); Rick Wright (vocals, keyboards); Chip Mason (drums, percussion). Additional personnel: Tim Renwick (guitar); Dick Parry (tenor saxophone); Bob Ezrin (keyboards, percussion); Guy Pratt (bass); Gary Wallis (percussion, programming); Jon Carin (programming, keyboards); Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Carol Kenyon, Jackie Sheridan, Rebecca Leigh-Dead white (background vocals). Engineers: Keith Grand, Andrew Jackson, Steve McLaughin. The second post-Roger Waters Pink Floyd album is less faked and more of a group effort than A Momentary Lapse of Reason - keyboard player Richard Wright is back to full bandmember status and has co-book credits on five of the 11 songs, even getting lead vocals on Wearing the Inside Out. Several of guitarist David Gilmour's lyrics (co-written by Polly Samson and Mark Laird-Clowes of the Dream Academy) might be directed at Waters, notably Lost for Words (the title is a perfect expression of where Waters' paucity leaves the band) and A Great Day for Freedom, with its references to the wall coming down, although the more specific subject is the Berlin Wall and the undertake of Communism. (All of this is in a great Pink Floyd tradition - Waters himself spent a lot of time writing about the departure of Syd Barrett.) In any case, there is a resentful, accusatory tone to songs such as What Do You Want from Me and Poles Apart, and the overarching theme, from the album title to the graphics to the I-you pronouns in most of the lyrics, has to do with dichotomies and distinctions, with I always having the more elevated hand. Musically, Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Wright have largely turned the clock back to the pre-Dark Side of the Moon Floyd, with unhurriedly tempos, sustained keyboard chords, and guitar solos with a lot of echo. ~ William Ruhlmann



  1. Andrew Sheridan | The Rugby Composition Blemish Cain looks back at the momentous career of ‘Big Ted’ Andrew Sheridan. Andrew Sheridan was the undisputed strong-man of the pro game, and as he went into ...
  2. SHERIDAN COUNTY SHERIFF'S Branch DETENTIONS SHERIDAN COUNTY SHERIFF’S ARRESTS 07-27-17 Silva, Hailey Lynn – 24 – Sheridan – Hatred of Cour t/Bench Warrant – Circuit Court, Arrested by SCSO
  3. Andy Sheridan Andy Sheridan Dublin crave exposure photography Ireland architect
NYC - West Village: Christopher Park - Gay Liberation
NYC - West Village: Christopher Park - Gay Liberation
In 1979, pop sculptor George Segal was commissioned by the Mildred Andrews Fund, a private Cleveland-based foundation that supports public art, to create a work that would commemorate New York City's Stonewall Rebellion, the 1969 riot that marks the beginning of the modern gay liberation movement. The result was the first piece of public art commemorating the struggle of GLBTG people for equality, predating Amsterdam's "Homomonument" by some seven years. The sculpture, a life-like, life-size bronze group, painted white, depicts four figures: a standing male couple and a seated female couple. One of the men holds the shoulder of his partner; one of the seated women gently touches her friend's thigh. The poses are non-dramatic, but quietly powerful, suggesting depths of love and companionship. The idea for a sculpture to honor the gay and lesbian rights movement on the tenth anniversary of Stonewall originated with Bruce Voeller, co-founder and first executive director of...
Photo by wallyg on Flickr
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012
The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House was a success. The pictures are also on Facebook - so tag yourselves if you want: Thank you for all who attended (or attended in spirit). Special thanks to: Studio Huddle ( for a super location (very hot!) Demi Kandylis ( for friendship (and the tables!) Open House Committee (Carla (venue, food), Caitlyn, Lindsay (org, site)) Loading Sub Committee (Diana+, Carla, Yohei, Jack, Mani, Joel, Zain, Yatharth, Westley) Poster Sub Committee (Jack, Kevin) Teachers (Andrew, David, Dan) Sheridan Institute - and thanks to the President (Jeff Zabudsky) for the visit! Tech folks (Bob and Robert - and the Mac folks for the cart) Of course the industry for their support And a very special thanks to the Alumni of IMM for keeping the family together. The graduate portfolios are available from the invite page: Our IMM blog...
Photo by Dan Zen on Flickr
Lakeside Park, Denver, CO. 2002
Lakeside Park, Denver, CO. 2002
below is a piece that I wrote accompanying 8 of these images in the March 2005 issue of (the now defunct) Wonkavison Magazine. This is the text as i wrote it then. un-edited. (as much as I would like to go back and tinker and tighten things up, i haven't) and I'm including it here because it's inextricably linked to the images as I see them. hopefully I will write a little something to post with the last of the series. between looking back and looking forward. till' then. thanks everyone for your responses, it's been a pleasure sharing these. i am quite thankful, the work shared here on flickr engages me day after day. -Andrew . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ . Night falls over Denver as the sun recedes behind the Rocky Mountains slowly bleeding the light from a clear blue afternoon sky and gently suffocating it into black. The period between dusk and...
Photo by wertz· on Flickr
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