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A wounded reindeer and a precocious eight-year-old girl form an everlasting bond in this tender holiday drama about true devotion and friendship. An enchanting film full of "heart and gumption" (Roger Ebert), Prancer will set your imagination aflight! Jessica Riggs (Rebecca Harrell) plays an angel in her school pageant...but she becomes a real guardian angel when she finds an injured reindeer in the forest. Convinced that the deer is Santa's very own Prancer, Jessica vows to nurse him back to health and return him safely home. But before she can carry out her plan, Jessica discovers that her father (Sam Elliott) has made another ? very different ? plan of his own! Will Jessica be able to help her antlered friend find his way back to Santa in time to make their deliveries on Christmas Eve? The magical final scene is sure to make your heart soar!

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Convention, museum board talk 11/16/17, via YumaPioneer

Wish-time board member Shirley Starnes, referencing an article written by Sylvia Seedorf after the museum opened, listed all the people who raised funds for the erection. “These people paid for the museum themselves,” she said. The city had a minimal

How to pronounce Mary Shirley Sáenz Starnes (Colombian Spanish/Colombia) -

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Bernie in Hell - Texas Monthly (subscription)

For nearly twenty years, I’ve been trying to decide just how I feel about Tiede, the soft-spoken, chubby-cheeked former mortician from Carthage, whom I first wrote about for Texas Monthly in January 1998. In 1990 Tiede befriended Nugent at the... A few years later, at Nugent’s request, he quit his job to become her personal assistant, business manager, and traveling companion. Estranged from her family, she also named Tiede the sole heir to her multimillion-dollar estate. Then, in November 1996, he carried out one of the most bizarre crimes in Texas history. Tiede shot Nugent four times in the back with a. 22 caliber rifle and hid her body in a freezer in her garage. For the next nine months, Tiede went on with his life, telling Carthage residents a variety of lies about why Nugent was no longer around. He spent more than $500,000 of her money, some of it going to such local institutions as the First Methodist Church and to fellow residents who were short on cash. Finally, in August 1997, after someone called the sheriff’s department to express concern about Nugent, officers searched her home and discovered her body. Tiede quickly confessed, stating that he had initially enjoyed being around Nugent until she became “very hateful,” “very possessive over my life,” and “evil and wicked. One day after the story broke, I drove to Carthage, where to my astonishment I met townspeople who told me that Tiede was the most good-hearted man in town, even if he was, as one resident noted, “a little light in his loafers. ” And Nugent, they pointed out, was a crotchety biddy who tended to get on people’s nerves. One woman actually said that if she was on the jury, she would vote to acquit Tiede. I later had lunch at Daddy Sam’s BBQ and Catfish with Danny Buck Davidson, the bulldog-faced Panola County district attorney, who told me he was so disturbed by the townspeople’s support of Tiede that he had decided to ask the judge overseeing the... “I’m not sure I can find twelve citizens in Panola County willing to convict Tiede,” he said, shaking his head as he took a bite of slaw. Tiede was still locked up and awaiting trial when my original story was published, and it wasn’t until early 1999 that I got my first sighting of him, at his trial in the town of San Augustine, about sixty miles from Carthage. When he walked into the courtroom, he nodded politely at the judge and even at Davidson. Toward the end of the trial, he testified that he had loved Nugent even though life with her had been like “being in prison to some degree. ” He said that he’d never actually planned to kill her, despite what he’d said in his confession, and that when he’d done so, he’d felt as if he had watched himself pick up a gun and start firing. Unimpressed, the jury took only ninety minutes to convict him, and two days later Tiede was sentenced to life in prison. “We love you, Bernie,” his supporters yelled as he was escorted out of the courthouse, a tormented look on his face. It wasn’t long after that that Richard Linklater, the well-regarded Austin filmmaker, and I co-wrote a screenplay about Tiede. The script sat on a shelf for more than a decade before Linklater filmed it, with Jack Black as Tiede, Shirley MacLaine as Nugent, and Matthew McConaughey as Davidson. Just after the movie wrapped, in late 2010, I met Tiede for the first time, visiting him for about an hour at the Telford Unit, in New Boston. A prison official, who called Tiede “a model prisoner,” led me to a visiting room, where Tiede shook my hand, patted me on the arm, and told me how he spent his free time cross-stitching memorials for Panola County families who had just lost a... At one point during the conversation, he broke into tears, saying he thought about Nugent every day. “I don’t know what happened,” he said. ” When I asked him the question that had haunted me—if Nugent had been that difficult, why didn’t he leave. Was Tiede playing me for a fool. In May 2012 I wrote a cover story for Texas Monthly about the making of Linklater’s movie, a black comedy of sorts he had titled Bernie. At that point, I assumed there was nothing more to say about the gentle Tiede and his monstrous murder. Nor did I imagine that Tiede would ever step foot outside prison again. As Davidson had told me, “We don’t forgive back-shooters in Texas, especially someone who back-shoots a woman.


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Eli Reece Starnes, Sr - 12/08/16, via

Eli Reece Stranes was the son of William Sylvanus and Nancy Margaret Richardson Starnes. He married twice: 1) Mattie I. Starnes. God blessed this marriage with the following children: Vivian M, Julia Ethel, Theron P., J. Dwight, William Sylvanus ...

Troy C. “Rusty” Starnes - 10/19/16, via Johnson City Press

Noah Starnes, of Erwin; Sisters: Shirley Lewis and husband Kenneth, of Jonesborough, Judy Bennett and husband Keith, of Jonesborough; Nephews: Timothy Lewis and wife Dee, of Jonesborough, Chad Bennett and wife Cheryl, of Jonesborough; Niece: Leigh Haun and ...

Shirley Harrison Long - 10/11/16, via

Shirley Harrison Long, 81 and a lifelong resident of Hall County ... She is preceded in death by brothers and sisters, Alvin Harrison, L.C. Harrison Jr., J.N. Harrison, Vera Adams Starnes, Mildred Harrison, Mary Dyer and Ruth Puckett, all of Gainesville.


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Obituary for Shirley Madigan (Starnes) (Photo album) | Vandemore ...
Obituary for Shirley Madigan (Starnes) (Photo album) | Vandemore ...
Mary Shirley Sáenz Starnes
Mary Shirley Sáenz Starnes
Mary Shirley Saenz Starnes - Universe 1978 ( 3rd runner-up )
Mary Shirley Saenz Starnes - Universe 1978 ( 3rd runner-up )

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