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Highly characterful and unfailingly inventive, Telemann's Twelve Fantasies for Solo Violin
were written with an eye to the amateur or student market. They explore the possibilities of
solo violin writing with suggestions of polyphony and modest elements of double and triple
stopping, while making use of instrumental forms derived from the sonata or the suite, often
with an overt debt to Corelli and his Italian successors. American Record Guide proclaimed
that 'the future of great violin playing is safe and very bright in Augustin Hadelich's 24-
year-old hands' of Haydn s Violin Concertos (8.570483), recorded after he won the 2006
International Violin Competition of Indianapolis.

La commissario non ama la poesia

La commissario non ama la poesia

by Ponte Alle Grazie (Fiction: Other Fiction Books)

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Annecy: Jordi Gasull on 'Tadeo Jones 2,' One of Spain's Biggest New Spirit Bets 06/13/17, via Variety

Ilion Studios is working for Chief, Think Lab has released “Deep,” Manuel Cristobal is producing an amazing animated movie, there are great new animation studios like Rokyn Spirit and Pedro Solis, Lightbox's line producer, has directed the most

GRANADA. Javier Solís canta a Agustín Lara.


Genocide and Millennialism in Upper Peru

Genocide and Millennialism in Upper Peru

Published by Greenwood Publishing Group 2002

ISBN 027597569X,9780275975692
260 pages

Spaniards were the target of the chiliastic turned genocidal Indian-led Great Rebellion of 1780-1782 in South America.

Comment on The Crew – October 20, 1942 by rememberthetitans

On October 10, 1942, The USS Tryon left San Francisco Harbor bound for San Diego, on it’s only shakedown cruise before heading for the tropics. In San Diego she received supplies, and took on board the Fourth Marine Replacement Battalion, headed for the Solomons to relieve the beleaguered troops on Guadalcanal. Markings on cargo indicated the code name for it’s objective was “White Poppy”, the apparent destination for the Tryon, and the crew took turns guessing where this might be. Ten days were spent loading and doing a final check of systems and... Workers from Moore Dry Dock, who had been aboard since leaving San Francisco ironing out any remaining bugs, went ashore. At 1330 the Tryon left San Diego Harbor, setting sail for the South Pacific. One can imagine the mixture of emotions the crew was feeling as the left San Diego Harbor. On one hand there was eagerness and excitement – most of the officers and crew of the Tryon joined the Navy after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and they were no doubt impatient to join the fray taking place in the south and west Pacific. The crew of the Tryon had heard rumors of the beating that the US Navy had taken up to that point at the hands of the Japanese: “Just prior to sailing from San Diego and all during our voyage out, scuttlebutt about our naval losses had run riot. Although the loss of the carrier Yorktown had not been announced, part of our crew had been aboard her when she was lost at Midway. The day before leaving San Diego, survivors from the carrier Wasp had landed there. They set about this with vigor, and by the time they had reached the islands of the South Pacific the ship ran smoothly at the hands of a crack group of sailors. So, on this Memorial Day weekend, to honor the memory of the men of the USS Tryon, here is a listing of the brave men that sailed out of San Diego Harbor on October 20, 1942 and resolutely pointed the bow of the Tryon that day toward war:. Officers at the date of commissioning, September 29, 1942:. Captain: Commander Alfred J. Byrholdt, USN. Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Hartwell T. Doughty, USNR. Navigator: Lieutenant Commander Gerald J. King, USNR. Sorenson, USNR. Gunnery Officer: Lieutenant Wm. D. Murphy, USNR. Engineering Officer: Lieutenant O. O. Adams, USNR. Supply Officer: Lieutenant (jg) J. A. Donehoo, (SC), USN. Senior Medical Officer: Commander Albert M. Snell (MC) , USNR. Deck Officers:. (jg) McKenzie Perry, USNR. (jg) Herman Talmadge, USNR. Ensign Neville Bremer, USNR. Ensign George A. Wright, USNR. Ensign Cosby Swanson, USNR. Ensign Henry L. Sherwood, USNR. Ensign Myron J. Smith, Jr. ,USNR. Ensign Isaac Todd, all USNR. Engineering Watch Officers:. (jg) Robert S. Brannon, USNR. Ensign Richard Stevens, USNR. Medical Officers:. Shirey, USNR. Allen Collette, USNR. Edward Cathcart, USNR. Leavitt, USNR. Anderson, USNR. Anderson, USNR. Goodcell, USNR. Lee Farr, USNR. Mastrobuno, USNR. Jensen, USNR. McCarty, USNR. Dental Officers:. Moon, USNR. Johnson, USNR. Assistant Supply Officers:. Pay Clerk M. G. Ross, (SC), USN. Warrant Officers:. Pay Clerk A. W. Blough, USN. Pay Clerk P. N. Bentley, USN. Pharmacist L. B. Tracy, USN. Before leaving San Diego a new deck officer reported for duty. (jg) Erling Hansen, USNR, a veteran of many years at sea. Two days out from San Diego, one of the other ships in convoy with the Tryon notified Captian Byrholdt that she had one of Tryon’s officers on board. Ensign Bates M. Belk, USNR, was immediately transferred over.

Source: Comments for The South Pacific Express
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Genevieve Soly - Handel in Darmstadt CD


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Brian Solis: Businesses Should Create Experiences, Not Just Products or Services - 01/08/16, via

Brian Solis: “X” was supposed to be the follow-up book to “The End of Business as Usual.” As I was writing it, the whole idea that businesses should create experiences — not just great products or services — all should work together to achieve ...

Guffey's Report: Divorces - MAY - 05/25/16, via Tulsa World

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Joe Esdras Solis - 04/20/16, via The Pampa News

Joe Esdras Solis, 24, of Pampa, passed away April 19 ... Thomas Silva, Tiago Silva, and Augustin Silva, all of Pampa, and Emmanuel Hernandez, Trae Hernandez, Rae Jr. Hernandez, and Jude Pena all of Baytown; and one niece, Jalise Pena of Baytown.


  1. La chitarra è lo strumento più bello, ma molto difficile ... 8 luglio 2010 1 KRISTJAN STOPAR LA CHITARRA SOLISTA IN ITALIA TRA OTTOCENTO E PRIMO NOVECENTO La chitarra è lo strumento più bello,
  2. AGUSTIN LARA - MARIA BONITA - YouTube Viejitas pero bonitas Agustin Lara,Jorge Negrete,Jose Alfredo Jimenez,Pedro Vargas 2017 - Duration: 1:58:46. Las Musicá 80's 90's 144,491 views
  3. Agustín Lara - Wikipedia Rocío Durán (adopted daughter/the missis) Enrique Álvarez Félix (stepson) Gerardo Agustín Lara Santacruz (adopted son) Agustín Lara Lárraga (biological son)
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