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A Term To Heal

by Golden Spirit Books, LLC
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Journey To Extraordinary Realms. "I love this book. It's so inspiring," notes Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of the bestselling Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. In the tradition of spiritual memoirs from Carlos Castaneda to Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray Love, Diane shares the story of her transformation from investigative journalist to healer, following a dramatic initiation. She started investigating energy healing as a skeptical journalist. What she discovered changed her life. Now an healer and medical intuitive, she helps people around the country and internationally heal and uplift their lives. In A Call to Heal, Diane lifts the veil on the mysterious process of subtle energy healing. She shows the point where disease begins and how, by adding energy and illumination, she can help restore body and soul to harmony, health and balance. For anyone who has wondered how healing works, this book is a must read. "This book will be very healing for many people." -Allison DuBois, the inspiration for the hit TV show “Medium” and New York Times bestselling author "Can a book heal? This one does. It has an energy that is released to the reader. I felt it. As a healer myself, I could relate to everything Diane so candidly describes. If you read one book on healing, make it this one. This book should be a movie." Susan McArdle, Executive Director, Joshua's Place Healing Center

How People Restore: Exploring the Scientific Basis of Subtle Energy in Healing

by Hampton Roads Publishing
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For Diane Goldner, what began as an investigative story for The New York Times, became a four-year pilgrimage into the thriving yet controversial world of energy healing in America. Her report, How People Heal, serves as both an introduction to this world, and an engrossing narrative featuring in-depth portraits of healers Barbara Brennan and Rosalyn Bruyere. Goldner spent hours alongside these spiritual and savvy women witnessing their healing work, while casting a critical eye at the business side of their organizations.

How People Heal also introduces you to physicists mapping the effects of love and desire across time and space, nurses using therapeutic touch on hospital patients, and heart surgeons using energy medicine in the operating room. Most important, you'll meet Jonathan Kramer, Doris Dennard, Marilyn Schneider, and others like them, whose lives and life-threatening illnesses have been transformed by the work of energy healers.

How People Heal is the trade paper edition of the 1999 hardcover Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual Healing Meet.

How People Heal takes you inside:

  • schools and institutions training energy healers
  • traditional hospitals and clinics integrating energy medicine into everyday practice
  • labs measuring the effects of energy and consciousness on healing
  • the hearts and minds of patients choosing to work with energy healers instead of conventional therapy

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Look, It’s Pinhead and The Auditor From ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’! (Exclusive)

With some clarification on the film’s monstrous new characters…. Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive new look at your new Pinhead, played by Paul T. Taylor, as well as The Auditor in Gary Tunnicliffe’s Hellraiser: Judgment. The Auditor, who is the film’s main villain, was described in the casting call as: “All business, very matter-of-fact. Clearly not of this earth. Deep into post-production, we have a little bit of clarity on the heels of us sharing some new shots from the Hellraiser sequel. So yeah, the new Pinhead and Auditor actually look pretty good. Like the last Hellraiser movie (which I actually enjoyed more than the previous couple that that preceded it – as, even though it was flawed, it tried to go back to the mean spirit of the original movies – if Doug had come back to the role I... I still want the Hellraiser/Nightbreed cross-over though. I suppose with the whole “different factions in Hell” thing they are going for in this movie it could happen…. It’s hard for me to label the first couple as great, but it’s all subjective obviously. I rewatched the first one fairly recently and it honestly didn’t have the same impact for me. Great set pieces with good script premise. same as the second film. Why on earth are you excited about a new Hellraiser film after the absolutely dreadful 9th movie. This has no involvement from anyone who made the original instalments any good and is far more likely to be terrible than it is to be even average. It’d be nice if you did some actual reporting rather than just “if we say nice things, they’ll keep giving us interviews. I don’t know why people are so fixated only on one character out of the whole thing. Sure, It’s not Doug Bradley but maybe the the story will be good. On the other hand Revelations wasn’t bad because Doug Bradley wasn’t in it. It sucked because it was a rushed production with a boring story. Judgement kinda sounds like Inferno and Hellseeker to me. Okay, so I completely understand why people want Doug Bradley around, he’s amazing and Pinhead’s not like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees where they’re so easily interchangeable due to not... In general, this seems far more promising as a whole.

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